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  1. Cataclysm: Where Blizzard Invalidates Your Worth as a Human Being!

    It will come as no surprise that the uproar over the upcoming Raid Progression Refinements in Cataclysm has been astronomical in volume and emotion. As of this post, the official thread alone has 5000 replies in just over 36 hours and of course countless discussions elsewhere on blogs and forums around the web.

    What, then, could I possibly have to add to the conversation that hasn't already been said? Likely not much, but as a generally big fan of these ideas for a long time, I ...
    World of Warcraft
  2. All things are difficult before they are easy.

    For a long time now, I've thoroughly enjoyed writing blurbs about my WoW Guild progress and challenges we've faced and, on occasion, even overcome. However, I realized with the advent of this new Blog feature on our site, I now have the opportunity to write about more broad topics of self-interest. I have no doubt these postings will be all but entirely ignored by the WoW and web community as a whole, and that's fine by me in truth, but on occasion, a man needs a place to vent, rage, and generally ...
  3. Shamans are, by far, the Whiniest Community

    It's sometimes hard to not be caught up in it. It's partially because Elemental, especially, cry out and get active about giving feedback, but you just can't shake what you've been told in the past. "it's just Beta, they're going to do numbers tuning, just relax and it's not the end of the world" just feels like someone getting to you sleep in your grave before they kill you. So I just need to vent a bit. But thankfully, people like Taka and Zul are great cheerleaders to keep me in ...

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  4. Alpha: A New Mastery

    I have been saying that WoD was going to be a "if it's got Multistrike it's mine" for gearing, as every other stat besides Haste seemed to be a waste. Pretty much that was true, even though Multistrike Flame Shock ticks wouldn't have a chance of Lava Surge. It made our Mastery weaker, because our Multistrike did essentially the same thing. They changed the mastery around, and I said to Tree, "It sounds 'meh.' " And 'meh' it 'twas.

    We have a new one! Again. ...