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  1. Tank Go Boom

    There can be little doubt that Blizzard's now infamous command for the World of Warcraft playerbase to "bring the player, not the class" is likely seen around the Irvine offices as a colossal PR headache -- it is no wonder Ghostcrawler found it necessary to cease posting to the forums recently and instead communique is frequently relayed down a one-way street of blog posts and announcements. ...
  2. Haste: Making Hots and Dots more complicated since 4.0

    So after reading a few of the class compendiums on EJ it has come to my attention that now haste effects all HoTs and DoTs and has brought on a concept known as “haste plateaus”. A haste plateau is simply a given amount of haste needed in order to provide extra ticks to a HoT or DoT. Many of the class pages on EJ have tables that show exactly how much haste is need for each class to get to the next haste plateau, however many of them do not include the 1% haste buff from goblins, or the 3% haste ...
  3. Mastery-ing Healing

    A look at Mastery: Healing

    With 4.0.1 being recently released and mastery being implemented as a fun new and shiny stat, I felt that an analysis of mastery needed to be done. This particular analysis will be primarily concerned with how mastery will affect healers. This analysis will not be so in depth that it will determine Cata healing down to an exact science, but it will compare how Mastery will aide in healing the common types of damage seen in raiding. So before I start my QQ'ing ...
  4. Solid-State Roster: Foolishly Brilliant or Brilliantly Foolish?

    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Einstein
    The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
    Nearly two years ago, like thousands of Guilds in the WoW community, Vox was gearing up to begin raiding in the newly released WotLK, and we were presented with a unique decision: How best to manage our raid roster?

    Certainly this isn't a decision unique to just Vox Immortalis, but it was unique for us at the time as we were drastically transitioning from ...
  5. Cata Chattah: Guild Exp & Rep Update #2

    In the recent Beta build, Blizzard disbanded and thus reset all Guilds and also implemented actual Guild Experience earnings from Guild Achievements, and I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised by the numbers we see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mumper
    [...]We are in the process restarting the beta realms to wipe all guilds. There are a number of lingering bugs that can only be fixed by a full wipe. We also want to take this opportunity to see guilds go from level 1 to 25 with a fresh start now that we have everything
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