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  1. Cata Chattah: Guild Exp & Rep Update #2

    In the recent Beta build, Blizzard disbanded and thus reset all Guilds and also implemented actual Guild Experience earnings from Guild Achievements, and I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised by the numbers we see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mumper
    [...]We are in the process restarting the beta realms to wipe all guilds. There are a number of lingering bugs that can only be fixed by a full wipe. We also want to take this opportunity to see guilds go from level 1 to 25 with a fresh start now that we have everything
  2. Cata Chattah: Guild Experience Update & Shared Realm-First Achievements

    First, a brief addendum to my previous post regarding Guild Experience & Reputation income rates, as Mumper from Blizzard was kind enough to reply to my post on the topic on the official forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldon

    Would it be possible to get some sort of feedback on what *expected* Guild Reputation values players might see from completing Guild Achievements and the like (i.e. What sort of Guild Experience chunk will Guild Achievements, Guild Dungeons & Raids, and Guild BGs reward)?
  3. Emblem Bedlam

    There seems to be a growing trend over in Blizzard HQ -- to force players to socialize.

    "Dear God no! Say it ain't so!"

    Now that may sound very silly on paper, considering we are playing a Massively Multiplayer game, after all. How could socializing be harmful in an environment and game that revolves around it? Socializing isn't the culprit here: Forcing the player to socialize with random people is.

    Think back to the first day of work at a new job ...
  4. All things are difficult before they are easy.

    For a long time now, I've thoroughly enjoyed writing blurbs about my WoW Guild progress and challenges we've faced and, on occasion, even overcome. However, I realized with the advent of this new Blog feature on our site, I now have the opportunity to write about more broad topics of self-interest. I have no doubt these postings will be all but entirely ignored by the WoW and web community as a whole, and that's fine by me in truth, but on occasion, a man needs a place to vent, rage, and generally ...