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  1. 1st Alpha Prediction

    It may be silly to make a guess as to what will happen with Ele Shams, but I think we'll get Magma Totem back. It never really managed to break anyone out of stealth, but it was always a good secondary PvP flag watcher when things were a little crazy.

    I get why they removed Earthquake. Ground Clutter. They needed it gone because it required ground effects for other players. And stealthers can rejoice that we lose another "catch you" skill shot. I thought the elegant ...
  2. Well, it's still Alpha, right?

    But hey, I can still comment on the latest set of patch notes they released. It's certainly had surprises.

    First off, it seems that they're looking at DPS mana again. As it stands right now, Eles would regen mana through Rolling Thunder. That is, cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning, and get a 60% to regen 2% of your mana. The only time we'd run out is if we spam Chain Lightning on 2 targets. (We Flame Shock them both and run low on mana with Instant Lava Bursts). In a pinch, ...

    Updated 06-13-2014 at 09:24 PM by Shaylana

  3. My Macro

    So I love my opponent's name, because it fits my battletag!

    Name:  Hearthstone_Screenshot_4.21.2014.16.16.05.png
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  4. WoD Ele Sham Speculation

    So the big thing about WoD is that we're losing Lightning Bolt on the move. Now for me, I was leveling and started raiding Elemental in ToT. So it's been what I've been known. It's really forgiving to be able to move and cast. It's really punishing when you can't.

    There's a couple of reasons for this:

    1.) Our casts are longer. We don't have the 1 second casts without haste buffs going, so we could easily be interrupting our casts if it requires movement right that ...

    Updated 05-17-2014 at 01:56 PM by Shaylana (used it's instead of its... pet peeve of mine!)

  5. Healing Heroic Immerseus

    Okay, so Healing Heroic Immerseus makes me feel like I can't even do the bronze level of proving grounds. I found a site with advice on how to heal it: Here's what they said about that fight:

    First, ask your healer lead / officer to sit before anyone else does. Preferably early Tuesday afternoon. Text him/her if possible. When other people ask to sit, shout I CALLED DIBS!. Then, be productive ...
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