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  1. Wrath of the Lich King: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    For those that read this article from the front page, nothing has been really changed or added. I realized since these are my rants and opinions, and therefore not directly a "Guild" thing, it would be best to move it to the blog and off the front page.

    With Wrath of the Lich King winding down, I wanted to take some time to write down all the good, bad, and even ugly aspects of the game either introduced, or expanded upon, during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, to hopefully ...
  2. Bring the (Right) Class; Player Optional

    So I saw this as part of the Blizzard feedback a few weeks ago...

    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzard via Twitter
    Q: What is the goal when re-designing the paladin class? How do you plan to change rotations, talents, etc?
    A. All of the paladin specializations will make use of a new resource called Holy Power. Holy Power accumulates from using Crusader Strike, Holy Shock, and some other talents. Holy Power can be consumed to augment a variety of abilities, including:
    An instant mana-free heal: Word of Glory
    A buff

    Updated 08-11-2013 at 04:57 AM by Kulldam

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  3. Cataclysm: Where Blizzard Invalidates Your Worth as a Human Being!

    It will come as no surprise that the uproar over the upcoming Raid Progression Refinements in Cataclysm has been astronomical in volume and emotion. As of this post, the official thread alone has 5000 replies in just over 36 hours and of course countless discussions elsewhere on blogs and forums around the web.

    What, then, could I possibly have to add to the conversation that hasn't already been said? Likely not much, but as a generally big fan of these ideas for a long time, I ...
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  4. Cataclysm Warrior Class Preview

    Well it's been a couple days now and I wanted to see the rest of the class changes before posting, but now that we've seen all but Paladins it seems appropriate to begin my tirade.

    Overall, I am extremely underwhelmed by the Warrior Class changes in Cataclysm. "Meh" is the best descriptor. I realize everyone has a strong bias toward his or her own class and wants to have their cake and eat it too, but clearly there seems to be a lack of creativity when it came to Warrior changes in ...
    World of Warcraft
  5. Emblem Bedlam

    There seems to be a growing trend over in Blizzard HQ -- to force players to socialize.

    "Dear God no! Say it ain't so!"

    Now that may sound very silly on paper, considering we are playing a Massively Multiplayer game, after all. How could socializing be harmful in an environment and game that revolves around it? Socializing isn't the culprit here: Forcing the player to socialize with random people is.

    Think back to the first day of work at a new job ...
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