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  1. Mythic 20-man Raiding

    For me, this single change puts a huge damper on the entire expansion as a whole and dramatically reduces my ability to get excited about any of the other features/changes, because this 20-man restriction looms over it all in the back of my mind.

    The reasoning given by Blizzard that it "makes balancing easier" and "allows for more mechanics that don't need to scale across raid sizes" sounds like complete horseshit and simply an excuse to make the design process easier for the development ...
  2. Steam Power (Overwhelming)!

    The sheer volume of games I've accumulated on Steam (and other lesser platforms) over the past few years is staggering and there's no end in sight to the growth of this tumorous collection. Inspired by a fascinating post on, I decided to take a tally of my Steam and bundle purchases over the last few years to get a real sense of what I typically spend on games and more importantly, how much (or more likely how little) time I actually invest in the majority of those purchases.
  3. I dunno, I guess so.

    There are five scientifically proven steps one must perform to become invisible, and in an undoubtedly world record-setting feat, by the time I was preparing to enter the seventh grade, I had mastered them all.

    1. Keep your hands in your pockets at all times, whether you are stationary or moving, awake or asleep, so as to remain as inconspicuous as possible. At first you may find activities such as waving goodbye to loved ones or laps in the pool to be impossibly difficult,
  4. Mistweaver Monk Stuff

    UPDATE: As of May 10th and build 15677, some of these have been addressed. Click for details.

    This is a direct copy of a post made as feedback for the current state of Mistweaver Monk healing in the MoP beta, but I'm re-posting it here for posterity. >

    Updated 05-10-2012 at 03:15 PM by Kulldam

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    World of Warcraft
  5. The Dungeon Journal: A Thinly-Veiled Raiding Lobotomy

    It is common pop-culture myth that as human beings, we utilize a mere ten percent of our brains. Yet while most modern individuals know this claim to be baseless fiction, I find it serenely comforting to know the world around us is rapidly evolving to allow those true sub-ninety-percenters among us to procure a psuedo-normalcy, even if this requires wearing a bib and always carrying around a tippycup with which to entrap any rogue dribbles or drools that may attempt desertion from the confines ...
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