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  1. MorskInforms Version 2.0

    So....not naming any names, but I caught some flack for my first blog cause it wasn't "sciencey" enough....FINE...stand're gonna get scienced. ( that even a word??)

    WHO CARES!!!! It is time for......
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    So...some of you know my background, many probably don't. But to put it quickly...I have a B.S. in Neuroscience, and am currently a student in a Neuroscience PhD program. So, the comment about my blog not ...
  2. Morsk..Informs've done it now. Look what you've made me do...Welcome to the "Morsk Informs"TM blog. Where your friendly neighborhood subtacular Shaman is going to inform you of something on a (semi) regular basis. Today's "Morsk Informs"TM has to do with cooking.

    I love cooking. My wife bugs me all the time to make an attempt to go on shows like Master Chef or Chopped: Amateurs...but I find my cooking to be more enjoyable when it is for a more intimate crowd. ...

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