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    Who We Are

    A 20-man Raiding Guild of nearly 10 years, focused on progression and achievements, and have accomplished all possible Heroic (now Mythic) progression and achievements since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in late 2008.

    We are currently 5/13 Mythic and 13/13 Heroic in Hellfire Citadel and finished the previous tier with 16/17 Mythic when patch 6.2 hit. We attained 14/14 Heroic in Siege of Orgrimmar in March 2014, 13/13 Heroic in Throne of Thunder with server-first Glory of the Thundering Raider and ended 5.1 with server-first Glory of the Pandaria Raider.

    We strive for a focused, motivated, enjoyable raid environment, given we typically raid 3 nights a week, 12 hours in total. We consider ourselves a good bunch of people, with a strong sense of self-accountability and would accept no less from any recruit.

    Historically, our combined roster of members and Officership have had many years of experience in WoW and previous MMOs with a guild raiding history to back it up (you may read more on our About Us page or this Pwnwear interview).

    We are also fairly active in the WoW community and have created & maintained a reasonably popular series of video guides since WotLK raid content, which can be found here. In addition, we are very active on our Guild Forums and some of our members even enjoy the occasional blog post.

    Who We Are Seeking

    High Desire

    Recruitment is Closed

    When We Raid

    Hyjal-US is on Pacific Standard Time and our raid schedule is as follows every week:
    • Sunday, 6:30PM 10:30PM PST
    • Monday, 6:30PM 10:30PM PST
    • Wednesday, 6:30PM 10:30PM PST

    What We Expect

    • You have been playing WoW and/or other MMOs for at least one year (or if not, are confident your skill is of appropriate level).
    • You are looking for a long-term Guild with a tight-knit membership core with years of high-end raiding experience and exclusive focus on end-game content.
    • You understand the advantages of the EPGP loot system that Vox Immortalis currently utilizes.
    • You are confident in your abilities when playing your roles in WoW, but remain open to suggestion and improvement.
    • You are very aware of your surroundings when in combat during raids. You can properly avoid void zones, breaths, cleaves, swipes, proper distance to others, incoming monsters, etc. while still performing your duties fully.
    • You are mature; in spirit if not age.

    How We Manage Raids

    At any given time, we try to maintain a constant roster of Raiders, and those Raiders are expected to maintain 100% attendance and will be part of our VCP system that manages Raid Rosters. While the full details of the VCP system can be found in this document, the basic summary of the system is as follows: All active Raiders are rotated throughout the 20-man raid on a weekly basis, such that each Raider will be able to raid in approximately 20 out of NUMBER_OF_RAIDERS percent of all raids (e.g. 20 out of 25 raids with a 25-man roster).

    We strongly encourage applicants interested in becoming a Full-Time Raider to read through the VCP documentation completely to understand the way the system works, the purpose behind it, and the very clear benefits for a 20-man Guild such as Vox.

    How to Apply

    If you meet all the above requirements and are still interested in applying, please fill out our application by clicking here. Please, take your time to thoroughly review each question asked as well as your answers. Many applications are discarded outright because the applicant obviously rushed through the process. In most cases, your application will be our first impression of you proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and personality go a long way.

    Once your application is submitted, you will be forwarded to your own public application thread on our forums, where Recruitment Officers or other Vox members will often comment or ask you questions directly regarding your application. Please refer back to your application thread frequently during your application process to stay up to date and answer any questions proposed to you.

    When your Application Review process ends (typically within 1 week), a Recruitment Officer will contact you with the results of our review and any further instructions if needed.


    Contact our Recruitment Officers:

    Takaoni (DPS/Tank), BattleTag: HiradeHaruo#1288, Private Message
    Shaylana (DPS/Heal), BattleTag: LLAMAZERG#1615, Private Message
    Kulldar (Guild Leader), Private Message

    PM All Officers: http://voximmortalis.com/pm-recruitment-officers
    E-mail: recruitment@voximmortalis.com