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  • Guild Rules & Expectations

    Upon joining, all members of Vox Immortalis are inherently agreeing to abide by the following list of Rules & Expectations, to show respect for their fellow Guild Members and to ensure common goals & expectations are shared by all members.

    Raid Absence or Tardiness

    1. All Full-Time Raiders are expected and assumed to be present and on-time for all Officially Scheduled Raids.

    An Officially Scheduled Raid is any raid date & time determined by our current raiding schedule.

    In the case that an Official Raid will be cancelled due to lack of content or holiday, an Officer or Guild Leader will inform the Guild as a general whole either verbally (usually at the end of the previously scheduled Official Raid) or in written form via a forum post. The Guild Message of the Day is also updated to display the next upcoming Official Raid.

    2. In the event that a Full-Time Raider cannot attend an upcoming Officially Scheduled Raid or will be tardy, that member must make all efforts to inform the Officership before the Raid occurs.

    Any of the following methods (in order of preference) are acceptable forms of informing the Guild of an absence or tardiness to an upcoming raid:

    • A forum post in the Raid Schedule forum.
    • An email, voicemail, or SMS message via VoxBot, our automated Guild Contact system: Click here to view the private post on how to utilize that system (requires Member forum access).
    • An in-game whisper to an Officer. Please confirm the Officer received your message by waiting for an in-game response. Please do not use an in-game mail to inform of an absence/tardiness as the recipient is unlikely to get the message prior to raid time.
    • A verbal communication in Mumble to an Officer.

    In 99% of cases of an upcoming absence or tardiness, a Guild Member should have access to at least one of the above forms of communication and failing to take a moment and let us know you won't be present leaves the remaining 24 people who did show up on time out in the cold.

    Obviously in an emergency situation, we have no expectation of you sending us a text after you dial 911 or the like, but after the fact please post or somehow let us know what happened.

    Required Software

    Mumble -- All Full-Time Raiders, Dedicated Subs, and Casual Subs are expected to have the latest version of Mumble installed and pre-configured. Mumble is an open-source voice communication client similar to Ventrilo that we have found outperforms Ventrilo in most functions and is our primary source of communication during raids.

    Installation Guide
    • Download from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/
    • Run the .exe and follow the setup as usual (you do not need to install the "server")
    • Once installation is complete open up "Mumble" (you do not need to keep the shortcut to the "compatibility version").
    • It should prompt you to run through the Audio Wizard.
    • Device Selection: Similar to Vent, select the appropriate input/output devices here (generally Microphone for Input and Default Device for Output). Also enable "Use echo cancellation".
    • Device Tuning: You can read the description, but basically you should move the slider all the way down (left) to the minimum it will go and if the voice is still understandable, click Next.
    • Volume Tuning: Adjust the slider while switching between loud speaking and soft talking. As the instructions say, keep the loud near the top of the green zone and the soft near the bottom of the green zone, without going over/under respectively.
    • Voice Activity Detection: I've not messed with this as I use push-to-talk, so likely you'll do the same. Select that and bind your appropriate key.
    • Once finished with the voice setup, click Server > Connect.
    • Enter new server information as follows:
    • Servername: Vox Immortalis
    • Address: mumble.voximmortalis.com
    • Port: 24601
    • Username: [YourCharacterName]
    • Note: At some point it may prompt you to create an authentication certificate and/or verify the server's authentication ticket. Just follow the instructions to create your own (very simple) and save it somewhere locally (such as the directory you installed Mumble into). Likewise, if it asks you to verify if the server's authentication ticket is OK, just hit Yes.

    Once installed, make sure your connection works and push-to-talk is enabled and working.

    Required Addons

    1. EPGP + EPGPLootMaster -- Our primary tools for managing loot in raids.

    Download EPGPLootMaster: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp_lootmaster
    Download EPGP: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp-dkp-reloaded

    2. DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs -- DBM/BigWigs are raid-warning and assistance tools that indicate important events during most raid encounters. Most of the information they provide is invaluable to being a successful raid member and consequently, Guild Members must be sure all DBM or BigWigs warning bars and indicators are properly placed and visible within their UI to not be missed.

    Download URL: http://www.deadlybossmods.com or http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/big-wigs

    3. WeakAuras -- Provides visual cues for various events (buffs/debuffs/etc) on player or other raid members. Used for custom warnings of important events.

    Download URL: http://www.wowace.com/addons/weakauras

    4. kAura -- Helper modules for creating custom WeakAuras.

    Download URL: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/kaura

    5. Exorsus Raid Tools -- Exceptionally useful, customized bossmods, in-game notes, and other assorted features.

    Download URL: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/exorsus-raid-tools

    6. Iskar Assist (6.2 - HFC Only) -- A tool to help assist with passing the Eye of Anzu for the Iskar encounter.

    Download URL: [URL]http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/iskar-assist/URL]

    Guild Bank Access

    The Vox Immortalis Guild Bank is meant to serve the following purposes:
    • Covers all raid-endured repair funds to all Raiders.
    • Provides free flasks & potions to all Raiders.
    • Distributes tradeable crafting recipes to Full-Time Raiders.
    • Distributes raid-dropped crafting materials when available and required for BiS main-spec pieces
    • Provides free raid-utility items such as Repair Bots
    • Provides free enchanting materials for all Raiders to use for equipment enchants.

    To provide a more streamlined interaction with the Guild Bank and Guild Members' needs, most day-to-day usage of the Guild Bank for Raiding members will be a self-service honor system. Guild Bank access is provided based on Guild Member Rank in roughly the following manner:

    To utilize the Guild Bank, please use the following best-practices & procedures:
    • For Raid-Endured repairs (that is, repair costs incurred during Officially Scheduled Raids) -- simply repair from the Guild Bank after the raid or in the near future.
    • For Enchanting Materials -- If you are a Raider of any kind and need enchanting materials for your primary, raiding character, simply grab them from the Guild Bank Enchanting Tab.
    • For Flasks & other common self-consumables -- The Guild Bank currently provides all raid-based consumables.
    • For crafting recipes -- If you are a Full-Time Raider and a crafting recipe drops or is in the Guild Bank that you do not have, contact Kulldam in-game and it may be provided to you freely. Note: In most cases, we do not provide tradeable crafting recipes simply to fill in your recipe book provided another member of that profession already has that particular recipe and instead the Guild Bank will sell it for Guild Funds.
    • For crafting materials (orbs and the like) -- If you are a Full-Time Raider, you may request raid-acquired Orbs for crafting BiS items for your main-spec. Due to the generally low income rate of crafting mats early on into a progression cycle, we may not be able to provide mats to many members and the Officership will generally discuss which member(s) to give the mats to in private. Again, ask Kulldam in-game if you need said materials and they exist in the Guild Bank.

    Please note that the success of this system relies solely on the honor and honesty of everyone involved. It's a huge hassle to have to manually manage Guild Bank exchanges for the Officership, so please utilize the Guild Bank as intended in the above outline and do not abuse your access. The WoW Armory is parsed nightly by a custom script and extracts and records all Guild Bank Transactions as a form of insurance should a malicious act ever occur. That said, we have never had an issue thus far, so let's keep it that way!