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  • Recruiting: Healer

    We are currently seeking one very exceptional healer to fill one open Full-Time Raider position.

    In addition to the usual guidelines and expectations on our Recruitment page, a qualified applicant would also:
    • Have a true passion for healing, as an accepted applicant will spend 98% of his or her raiding time as a primary healer.
    • Have extensive experience as a primary healer in high-end raid environments.
    • Be committed to a long-term role as a 100%, full-time raider.
    • Be able to recognize when spikes and lulls in raid damage will occur and adjust accordingly (e.g. The applicant should know when and how to throw in a few nukes when safe to do so, rather than standing around wasting potential GCDs and ending the fight with 55% mana).

    Your particular class is not as important to us as the player (we frequently used 2 Resto Druids as our primary healers for most Hard Content in Ulduar/ToC). That said, for your own information, our other primary healer is a Resto Druid, and our tertiary healer for learning/high output fights that require it tends to rotate between a Priest and a Paladin.

    Please read through our Recruitment page for additional information and requirements.