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  • Cataclysm Recruitment!

    Now that Cataclysm is upon is, we have a small handful of openings for Full-Time Raid positions for the upcoming new raid content, and ideally we'd like to find people sooner rather than later who can get into the Guild as we level up and do small-group content together, in addition to benefiting the Guild Experience and personal gains from Guild Reputation.

    Full-Time Raiders

    While we will always consider an exceptionally strong applicant of any class, our current desires for Full-Time Raiders in Cataclysm are:


    We are also opening recruitment to a more casual player that might not want or be willing to stick to a full-time raid schedule, but still wishes to be a part of a strong, experienced, well-established Guild going into Cataclysm.

    Check out our Recruitment page for more details and info on applying!