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  • Recruitment Open for a Shadow Priest, Hunter, or Warlock!

    We are regretfully losing our in-house Warlock to retirement in the near future, and with Firelands around the corner, it is time Vox opened up recruitment for an exceptional and cool individual looking to become a part of a strong, tight-knit, high-end raiding Guild!

    If you are a Shadow Priest that loves melting faces but is also capable of strong offspec healing on occasion when the weekly roster demands it, you could be just who we need!

    Maybe you are partial the great outdoors -- woodsperson at heart -- and revel in the glory of felling your foes from afar with mighty shots and furious companions. In that case, feign-flop your way over to our recruitment info!

    Or perhaps you are a master of the demonic arts and are equally capable of spreading your corruptive diseases, raining down hell-fire, and controlling the beings of the underworld? If so, you may be the perfect candidate!

    We are only looking to fill one Full-Time Raider position at this time, so if you do choose to apply, please take your time and put your best foot forward.

    -The Management-