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  • Recruitment Open for a Ranged DPS!

    It's that time once again, where we separate the wheat from the chaff (and hope it doesn't chafe in the process), and look through your amazing applications to find the perfect fit for our Full-Time Raid roster!
    With six of eight Heroic bosses on farm, we are quickly closing in on the end of this tier of content, and are seeking a strong individual who is not only looking to see this expansion through and defeat Deathwing once and for all, but is also longing for a long-term home in which to traverse the Mists of Pandaria.

    We have (1) Full-Time Raider position open and are looking for an exceptional Ranged DPS player who is mature in spirit if not age; has a similar personality and sense of humor to our own; and has proof of outstanding raid awareness, utility, and DPS output! Specific class and spec are not as vital as the rest, as we're perfectly capable of completing this tier with our current roster, and thus are more interested in a player that stands out among the crowd.

    For all the details and our application link, please check out our Recruitment Page!