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PlayStation Karma train! Woop woop!

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So this weekend, since I'm living in closer proximity to what I've been told is my 'family', (we know Vox is home!), I was tasked with cleaning out some of the old stuff in the attic/house that I grew up in long long ago. I strangely found that I had no problem throwing out any of the shit I had growing up, with the exception of my ninja turtle action figure (some still in box!) collection and this karma train I dug out of my closet!

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My apple II is in that closet as well and I grew up on mostly Nintendo, but for me living in a small town where the closest place to even go buy a game was well over an hour drive away...looking at these really felt like I was looking back on my glory days of gaming. I vaguely remember turning 16 getting my first two tone shit brown colored truck and having the freedom to actually go out and buy what I wanted, when I wanted to (when the truck actually functioned). With the internet technology of today I think it's something we take full advantage of....maybe even to an extreme as my brother tells me he ordered hot sauce online because he didn't want to go to the Asian market. I love playing online and being able to use Steam for instant gaming satisfaction. But I sure do miss making that drive and going to places like Funcoland and just spending hours browsing the gaming market when everything felt new and exciting. I could probably fill a book with these types of memories...for instance I don't remember buying each game but I remember buying my actual PS1 and the first three games. Pro Pinball, Time Commando and Wild Arms. Pro Pinball speaks for itself...but Time Commando was this neat experience where the you could see the a lot of the challenges going from 2D technology to 3D technology. It was pretty awful, specifically the rail system as an adventure game, but I powered through it. And then the original Wild Arms just kind of blew me away and is still one of my favorites today.

Anyways, I don't feel like I'd trade that situation for today's convenience...but it's nice to think about it...oh yea and $4 a gallon gas psht eff that shit.
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  1. Kulldam's Avatar
    Awesome find Doug! I also sometimes miss the longing when going out to try to buy a game. Or better yet was that oh so important decision when trying to determine which game to rent because you just knew if you chose wrong, you'd be stuck with that shitty game for the next 3 days until you had to return it, and be screwed out of all that potential fun until the next time you could save up enough allowance to go back for round two! ARG SO MANY WRONG CHOICES!!!!
  2. Takaoni's Avatar
    Man just from the titles you can see visibly that is an amazing set. I too loved the original Wild Arms.


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