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1st Alpha Prediction

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It may be silly to make a guess as to what will happen with Ele Shams, but I think we'll get Magma Totem back. It never really managed to break anyone out of stealth, but it was always a good secondary PvP flag watcher when things were a little crazy.

I get why they removed Earthquake. Ground Clutter. They needed it gone because it required ground effects for other players. And stealthers can rejoice that we lose another "catch you" skill shot. I thought the elegant solution would have been to put it on a Totem with a minor swirly effect and call it a day.

But Magma Totem. Really, I think we're gonna get it back. We seriously need something to replace losing that and Earthquake.

And while I'm thinking about PvP, if they don't break the totem stomping program, they're really gonna need to buff them in PvP. I'm sure for tournament games, we'll never see it. But it sucks when you notice your totems getting stomped before a 1.0 global passes.
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