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Some Ele Tuning.

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And with the squish changing how numbers are perceived in general, most of you probably had no clue that you were a little overpowered, and that's fine.
Current notes:

• Elemental Blast’s damage has been increased by 20%.
• Shamanism now increase Lightning Bolt damage by 70% (up from 36%).


Yup yup, we'll probably see more buffs as time goes on.

But letsee... Lightning bolt does ~2874, so a 34% increase would be ~3851. A crit would be 6851. Lava Burst would be 5463 if you have flame shock (x2 for Crits, x1.5 for the bonus). So I'm wondering, should we just stack crit and ignore our big nuke and ascendance?

Ele Blast will be doing ~4114 plus the stat buffs, so it may be a better option. It just seems silly, in the time of culling abilities, they made our #1 spell that interacts with our abilities become the one we never use. I mean, that would save us a GCD from Flame Shock and the time to cast the spell. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the theorycrafters. Time to read some Bink!
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