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Thread: Old Vox Videos of Vaelastrasz, Garr, and Shazzrah available on the MovieGuide Project!

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    Default Old Vox Videos of Vaelastrasz, Garr, and Shazzrah available on the MovieGuide Project!

    Many thanks to Ugra/Colio/Olico, our resident Guild comic and funny-man, for having the foresight to save these hilarious clips from the way back machine. Check out some of those old school names running along the screen and in the background!

    I sure don't miss 40-man raids though, holy zerg Batman!

    Due to quality, I'm not bothering with a YouTube mirror as it would just distort, plus they're all very small downloads. Check out the uploaded videos here (!

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    Iceblock pulls rock. We should use them more.

    The videos were awesome.

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    ha ha... I had TOTALLY forgotten I had made a movie.
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    Those videos are fun to see. Thanks for posting them! Does anyone keep in touch with Alidar at all? I know he has a few others, like Din'jo the Sexxer, and the Ragnaros video that he never finished...

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