In spite of some brutal streaks of attendance issues what with the summer and all, we've been blasting through tons of achievements since our last progression update including:
  • I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (
  • Knock, Knock on Wood (
  • Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (
  • Three Lights in the Darkness (
  • Shadowdodger (
  • Set Up Us the Bomb (
  • Can't Do That While Stunned (
  • Nerf Scrapbots (
  • Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (
  • Getting Cold In Here (
  • If Looks Could Kill (
This brings our grand total of 10-man achievements to 775 as of this posting, which is ~77% of total available achievements. In fact, this puts us ~11th rank on our server in 10-man Achievements even amongst 25-man guilds, above quite a few good 25-man crews, which is quite an accomplishment if I say so myself! We're also sitting at a steady #4 rank in the US for 10-man Strict Guilds (and in reality #2 since two of the top three guilds frequently do 6+ bosses in Ulduar-25 >< ). Only Firefighter ( remains between us and Algalon!

We're also still very much recruiting (1) very solid, reliable, mature DPS player for a full-time raiding position. See our Recruitment ( page for more info!