More achievement fun has led to a couple more exciting defeats of I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning ( and Two Lights in the Darkness (!

Admittedly, the 3.2 nerfs to General Vezax hard mode made things much easier and this kill likely would've taken us another week had the nerfs not been put in, but all the same, it's a really interesting fight mechanically and left us teetering on mana, praying for the RNG Gods to shine on our tank avoidance streaks.

Two Lights is a different story. We opted to try using Freya and Thorim and in hindsight, we should've probably gone with Mimiron and Thorim, as the increased cast time from small tentacles in Phase 2 is a huge increase in dispel requirements and just random raid damage for top-side members. Even so, after about an hour of attempts we got into the groove and pushed into Phase 3 with everyone alive and of course from there it was a walk in the park.

One Light soon!