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    What a difference a day two days make! A new week in ToC, a fresh reset, and some more astounding performances by (most) of our members to give us a ToC Normal clear and A Tribute to Skill in just under 3 hours of raid time! 42 attempts remaining (4 on Twins and 4 on Anub), so a bit more practice and it'll be time for some Mad Skill action.

    Some might say a close battle...

    By the way, thank God laziness came out the victor in my decision to build a +Block set for Anub'arak Burrower tanking. Thanks Blizzard for saving me hours of Heroic/Naxx farming!

    Also, the new Fortitude Scroll/Kings Drums are the best thing since sliced bread for a 10-man group. Much <3!

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    I see that we recaptured the #1 World ranking again as of 09-24-09, good job guys!

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