It's never been the case before and perhaps it will never happen again, but for the moment we can finally proudly say, we have officially completed all achievements and content available to us! Well done Vox!

Just look at her butt, it's suuuuupermassive!

While it's certainly not the only achievement that gave us trouble, Supermassive continued for weeks to be as buggy as ever (GM Response: "We'll add your experience to our gathered information."), which added a couple weeks more than we would've otherwise required to get the full 100% feather in our cap. *On the plus side, all the currently available Icecrown Citadel achievements seemed to work as advertised without bugs, and since we're stuck waiting for staggered releases, I have high hopes every future achievement will be properly tested and tuned.

The downside is until Tier 2 Icecrown bosses are released, we're now down to easily doing everything worthwhile (IC, H-ToC, Onyxia, VoA, Weekly Raid Quest) in one raid night, which means more time twiddling thumbs and raging at the shitty Needle-Encrusted Scorpion drop rate.

Let the countdown begin...