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Thread: Icecrown Strategy Notepad

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    (Note: Somewhere during the thought process while typing this out my brain may have gone haywire and my sensibility drops like a rock, so excuse any part that may seem weird)

    All You Can Eat:
    With the failure at 5 stacks and 15s between tombs, I think setting up the two tanks on opposite side of her and near each iceblock location so the tanks have easier time reaching it could work better.

    And uses 3 healers, in case the healers that was supposed to be on tank got hit by Unchained, then the reserve healer(who usually heals the raid) can take over for a shot while(the reserve healer will be hiding behind each block with the DPS unless called for, since he won't be healing tank), that or have the tank uses cooldown until Unchained is over.

                 H          R          H
                     1      M      2
                 T          S          T
    (Ideally, the healers won't get stacks this way, but let's presume there's some mis-position and healers can't always do it)
    Basically, each time a frost tomb hit, the tank who's near that tomb go hide, and the other one taunt.
    -Example: If the tomb is coming to position 1, then the tank on 2 side will taunt and Healer/Tank on side 1 will hide if they have stacks on them.
    --The respective healer's position is a good condensing spot , since the healer should be a fair distance from the tomb's impact point, and the spot should be out of Sindra's LoS while the tomb's up.

    All range DPS are to remains on boss while not hiding, and only enough melees to kill the tomb in 10s(but not too fast) remains on Tomb to kill it. This is to avoid the scenario where we kill the tomb too fast and nobody lost their stack at all.

    The primary concern is that the first tomb. Because both tanks will have some stacks at this point.
    What I 'think' will be done is this:
    -Have Tank 2 tanking her at the start.
    -Tank 1 wait behind where the tomb will be, so as soon as the LoS is up he'll be affected by it.
    -As soon as Tank 1's stacks drop. He go into position and taunt off 2.
    -Tank 2 hide behind the first Tomb until the 2nd BEACON comes, at which point he'll go hide at Tomb 2 position.
    --As soon as Tank 2's stacks drop, the DPS can immediately kill the tomb regardless of if the 2nd beacon is coming.
    -After Tomb 2 dies, Tank 2 taunt Sindra and Tank 1 go into position to hide.

    Afterward, I think what will happen is something along this line:
    -Frost Beacon comes up. Kull says which side is the marked person going to.
    -The opposite side's tank taunt, the previous tank go into position to drop the buffet and remains there(to avoid tail smash/avoiding as many buffets as possible)
    -Tomb hit, DPS hide for 4-5 seconds to let the debuff drops(You can move out as soon as you see 2-3s remaining on your debuff timer)
    ---Alternatively, the DPS group(the ones not on tomb) could hide every other tomb as well.

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    Some less junks to put in the trunks, from the recent hotfix:
    # The Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) meta achievement no longer requires Neck-Deep in Vile to be completed.
    # For the Sindragosa encounter, Frost Breath cast under 35% HP no longer has a snare component and there are no longer diminishing returns on Taunt effects.
    So we only need Been Waiting A Long Time(probably 1 ghoul pack after the 3rd Horror would be a good mark?) and All You Can Eat before we only need to kill heroic bosses for this.

    And the hotfix to Sindra leads me to believe tank swapping each ice tomb is the way to go for this achievement(and with our 2 smokes position, what I posted above would probably work).

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    A couple of add on that may make it easier to handle Unbound Plague in the heroic Pr. Putricide encounter. or

    Seems like the first might be the best one. Should we all grab this for next attempts?

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    Watching Valithria video, I think it would be safe to say that we can lust the portal after she hit 80%.

    If possible, I'd like to spend this coming Sunday/Monday as follow:
    Sunday - Sindra heroic from 6:30-10:00, then go for the achievement attempts from then.
    Monday - Heroic putricide up to 9:30, then do Been Waiting Long Time(based on our previous kill, we had at least another 3 minutes left on enrage so this achievement should be quite easy to do)

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    TLDR: Everyone must acquire their 3-piece Crafted Icebane equivalent pieces prior to raid time, Sunday, April 11th, 2010. If you do not have 3-piece Frost still from Hodir, take out supplies/gold from the Guild Bank for funds to craft the pieces, or ask the guild for assistance. Proper gems/enchants are required.

    Some notes on Heroic: Sindragosa:

    I need some help regarding how Beacon of Light works -- in essence, the question is this: Does the line of sight requirement for the Beacon-duplicated healing use the casting Paladin's line of sight or the heal target's line of sight? For example:

    I know in the above diagram, where the Paladin is hiding out of Line of Sight of the tank behind a wall, the even with Beacon on the tank, casting heals on himself will not heal the Tank due to line of sight issues. However, does anyone know if casting heals on the Mage in the above example would utilize the Mage's line of sight, rather than the Paladin's, and thus duplicate the heal to the Tank?

    I have a feeling it only uses the Paladin's own line of sight but if not that would be an extremely strong method for handling tank heals during Phase 3.

    Another thought big possibility is simple: Resistances

    If you look over our previous night of Sindragosa attempts, and specifically the causes of death, the vast majority of deaths are (perhaps obviously) from Frost Damage; specifically Frost Aura ticks. I totaled up the damage the took during our Heroic attempts from Frost Aura and Chilled to the Bone (excluding tanks since they are using Frost Resist gear already), and get the following basic data:

    As we can see, the non-tanks resist an average of 22-23% of the Frost Damage in this fight, which coincides with expected values from the actual resist table from the game mechanics, as everyone has 130 Frost Resist for the fight:

    Now, one thing we can try which I feel may strongly help survival is using the 3-piece frost resist set for everyone in the raid, similar to what tanks are doing. This will give everyone 417 Frost Resist, which means an average resistance of 45%. Using the above damage from Frost Aura and Chilled to the Bone, this means the raid would negate an extra 14,502,863.3 damage!

    Obviously the real important aspect is: what does this provide for life-saving mitigation, in real world application?

    Obviously Phase 3 with Mystic Buffet is the challenge, and assuming we use a strategy similar to our achievement where we're clearing stacks very frequently, I'll assume an average Mystic Buffet stack of 3, which means 45% increase. This means the 4500 Frost Aura damage is actually 6525 damage a tick. Therefore, average resistances shows a tick table of the following:

    So we see a player with 25k health will die at the 12 second mark assuming no heals. Now the same table showing resistance from 417 FR at 45% average value:

    Now the same player can last another 6 seconds, or two ticks, with zero healing, before death. And since the resists are obviously percentages, the survival rate increases the higher the HP pool of the target player. A 30k HP player will survive an extra 9 seconds, or three ticks, without any heals.

    Obviously going for 18 seconds without any heals at all is very unlikely, so really these resistances add a survival buffer that will greatly increase our margin of error for minor mistakes and allow healers to concentrate more on healing primary targets and let HoTs/Shields do more of the heavy lifting for raid damage.

    Also the obvious downside to using Frost Resist 3-piece is a loss of DPS, especially for DPS that don't have enough T10 pieces to keep their 4-piece bonus without the chest slot piece. However, we know from our logs that most of our wipes had Sindragosa at 20-24% health and lasted 7:20-7:40, which means we have about 2:30 still remaining before the Berserk. I'm too lazy to actually load characters into Rawr to see what actual DPS losses are suffered from using 3-piece Frost, but I doubt it's enough that we'll see Berserk hit us. Even if it does, if we can survive long enough to hit it, we can adjust our DPS slightly from there as necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    TLDR: Everyone must acquire their 3-piece Crafted Icebane equivalent pieces prior to raid time, Sunday, April 13th, 2010. If you do not have 3-piece Frost still from Hodir, take out supplies/gold from the Guild Bank for funds to craft the pieces, or ask the guild for assistance. Proper gems/enchants are required.
    I think you mean Sunday, Aprill 11th, 2010.

    I still have my FR set and will do some DPS calcs. I am currently spec'd fully into Magic Absorption so I may be able to drop a piece of FR gear. One option I may consider is going Frost for the fight. I can get the Eternal Water Elemental. He is immune to frost and can DPS continuously. It would also help my survivability. As far as I know, Sindragosa is not immune to Frost.

    Also, I can craft all of the cloth FR pieces and I may be able to do the Leather and Mail pieces this week on my dr00d, Kilwynn. He is at 440 LW currently but should be 450 soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilwenn View Post
    I think you mean Sunday, Aprill 11th, 2010.
    Woops, good eye Kil!

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    Regarding One-Tank Sindragosa:

    I just realized a big thing we can do, even if we don't try the burn strategy and instead play normal (i.e. 3 healers), is still use only Khrash as the tank by having him create a simple Divine Shield macro to drop his stacks Phase 3.

    #showtooltip Divine Shield
    /cast Divine Shield
    /cancelaura Divine Shield
    /cast Hand of Reckoning
    As long as it's not used during a Frost Breath, I am fairly certain it will bubble and cancel fast enough that Khrash won't lose threat for long enough to get anyone killed/attacked, though we'll have to test it of course. This would allow Khrash to wait for a reasonable Mystic Buffet stack count (12-14), reset the stack, and then go back up to the same # before we're in danger. The total time it takes to for 24-28 stacks to be cast is plenty of time to finish her off and it would let us gain a sizable chunk of DPS since normally I do fuck all most of the fight.

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    Obviously largely irrelevant at this point, but just read about a cool tactic that Guide will have to try out:

    Apparently snakes from Snake Trap count as valid soak targets for Green Ooze explosions during Putricide. Might be worth dropping a trap under melee before phase changes if that's the case...

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    I will give this a shot on Wed...if this does work you will have to bow to the might of the Viper!

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