I am sure Kulldam would write something far more elaborate and detailed, but Ill just offer a little update on our progress thus far.

So after 400+ attempts in Heroic Mode we have learned a hell of a lot. Strats shifting left, right, sideways as well as up and down, but we are really getting it fine tuned.

We still have the occasional "Damn it!" in Phase1 or the poorly dropped Defile or our Disc Priest gets picked up in Phase2 with 1-2 Shields not being up. But over all its looking real good.

We do get to Phase3. We are in process of learning Phase3... Phase3 is not really that difficult its just all about avoiding death by the Purple Explosions of Doom that cause Lich King to grow and lay the beat down.

Im confident we will get him down soon-ish. Until then know we are crying in our Cheerio's and punching ourselves in the nads.

Seriously... the Devs have this encounter tightly tuned that pretty much 1 'oops' moment and its a call for a wipe.

Hopefully we see the Achievement soon! My poor brain cant handle much more! hehe