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Thread: Notes from last night.

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    Default Notes from last night.

    • For Bauser and Kull. During the Magmaw fight when you get mangle and Magmaw picks you up; you can target his exposed head and do damage, self-heals, cd's, etc. I was able to just concentrate on using Word of Glory moves and keep healing myself. This made it so that I could go from using all CD's and Lay on Hands to 1 maybe 2 cd's and saving my big one and LoH.

    • Parasites during Magmaw:
      Blackwing Descent

      Lava Parasites will no longer cause the Magmaw encounter to reset if they Evade. In addition, their mounting range has been reduced to 5 yards and they can fail to mount when attacking players.
      Blackwing Descent
      We beat the game pre-nerf. We are gods among men.

      But anyhow Bauser's setup obviously worked well. Whenever it's Bauser's turn to sit out a viable option is to have Harkle go Demo and use Axe Man. His whirlwind or whatever it is I believe has a threat component built in. Not to mention it does a great deal of damage and it's AE. It might not be as effective as Bauser but should get the job done.

      I am curious though. With as easy as they (parasites) were dying using Bauser's tactics wouldn't Kull be safe going back to feral for that fight?

    • Maloriak rapes. This is all. But seriously as Kain eluded to last night he's simply a gear check. We may or may not be ready for that at the moment. A common set of bosses has emerged as the easier ones.

      Omnitron, Magmaw, Three Winds, Halfus, Valiona/Theralion and Argaloth (PvP Boss). Argaloth I am seeing is basically a loot pinata. So if we simply need to gear up we might want to focus on these guys.

    At the moment this is about all I've got. Feel free to add anymore observations.

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    Healing was interesting. I think we could learn to work as a team more efficiently. Kain and I are used to healing together but Duux is a new element.

    Thus far the fights are very demanding on healer mana, but also provide time or mechanics to recover enough to be successful.

    I have a feeling we don't have the gear to handle Maloriak yet... but since someone killed him on heroic mode last night that may not be the case. =P moar deeps!

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    One thing I noticed while improving my Balance spec for the next raid is something Boheem and I (when I'm DPSing obviously) should both be using for Magmaw: Glyph of Balance. Perhaps Boheem was using it last night and I just didn't notice the snare, but I definitely wasn't, so that should help prevent Parasites from slipping out of the pack a bit.

    Also, we definitely want to take advantage of soaking up as much loot per week as possible, especially given our limited raid schedule over the Christmas/New Years time, so we'll likely do Magmaw/Golems then try out the new bosses. I don't really know a thing about Tol Borad's raid zone; I assume it's based on the "Faction Controlled" message you get when porting into Tol Borad area from Org? If so, we'll check on it before raid and hopefully find a window when we can run over there and check it out.

    Other than that, I definitely want to try Halfus, as he looks extremely easy relative to some of the other stuff, after which we'll decide from there what to do.

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    I got rid of my resto spec for the present time and switched to a dual balance spec. My second balance spec is for the Magmaw encounter. I put points into Gale Winds and Fungal Growth. One of the strategies I was attempting in that fight was to place my mushrooms where we were standing before the lava spew, then detonate when the Parasites spawned. I did not have Glyph of Hurricane the first night; it's a good tool for this fight and I have it in my Magmaw spec now. Those lava parasites are gonna perish!

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