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This is another fight where you really want a demonology warlock. Felstorm + Hellfire + Immolation aura = I just soloed the adds.

Also, Maloriak will often interrupt his first Release Abberations cast by tossing in his first vial, but this is not a guarantee. We only had one attempt where he didn't interrupt it.

Finally, there's no real need to ever interrupt the Release Abberations cast unless, I don't know, you don't have the dps to finish them off? We've never purposely interrupted it, I know that much.
I've not done this on 10 man, however for 25 man we only let two sets of abberations out per cycle. The most I ever tank is 6 of them. During the burn phase. I simply pick up the last six and kite while DPS finishes the boss off--all you really need is a hunter or two dropping frost traps. It's also excellent practice for Nefarian... where I'm also stuck kiting in the last phase. :P
OT - Prot Paladin
Ranged - Hunter and Mage
Melee - Rogue, TG Warrior, Frost DK
Healers - Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman

Maloriak was tanked roughly at cauldron, frost trap was applied so that one of its borders was roughly at the bottom of the stairs leading out of the room.

Red phase raid would stack between maloriak and the door/kite area, blue phase raid would spread out in a semi circle around him.

If the hunter failed to drop a trap when there were 9 adds up, I would get shit on. If remedy was not removed, or arcane storm not interrupted, we would either die or hit the enrage timer.

For some reason, abberations would aggro on the MT and then subsequently get glued to him, buffing the boss's damage and making him take less damage. Adds must be controlled as best as possible by the OT while the adds are still fresh. Glyph of Dazing shield works nicely. Adds spawn in the near corners of the room in one of two configurations. Either two adds spawn on one side and one on the other, or all three spawn on the same side. The triple spawn was very rare, I only saw it once i'm pretty sure. Assume the adds will be in the one and two configuration. Talented judgement the solo add and AS the other two adds, saving taunts for emergency use only.

When green phase starts, try and position the adds at Maloriak's feet as he will no longer benefit from their aura (it's temporarily suppressed by the slime) and he can share cleaves with them. MT/OT will need to pop cd's however due to the fact that they also will be taking 100% more damage as a result of the slime. Once green phase is over, reposition Maloriak by the cauldron and repeat process.

In phase two, OT needs to be very quick at getting the prime abberations under control. They should be tanked away from the boss and DPS should ignore them. There is absolutely no benefit in killing them, focus on the boss.

Purge/Spellsteal/Dispell stopcasting macros should be used to ensure timely removal of remedy. Spellsteal is the most ideal removal since the added mp5 from the remedy buff can sustain an arcane mage's high throughput cycle a little longer than not having it would.

Assign a dedicated interrupt for arcane storm (or have two dps fight for it) and a separate dedicated interrupt for release abberations. Other than those two, make sure you don't have any itchy trigger fingers interrupting everything that casts because too many interrupted abberation casts will wipe you in p2.

If the kiteTank is getting shat upon, or if the tank gets tombed, have any class that can immobilize the adds do so. This includes frost DK's hungering cold, water elemental's ranged ice nova, mage's ice nova, mage's circle of frost, etc. I'm not sure if I was taking damage when tombed or if I was immune, however there were cases when I was tombed and new adds spawned. Collecting them off the various raid members with aggro was not a trivial affair with 6 other abberations in tow.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now in terms of lessons learned last night for us. We wiped probably about 6 times before we had our final .5% wipe. We will be facefucking this ugly dragonthingy on tuesday.

On our best attempt last night we wiped at .5% due to enrage and a very ill-timed remedy. The crux of the fight for our group was kiting the adds and effectively burning them down. Once we got our shit together and actually killed the adds in a single goo phase, we were able to apply enough damage to the boss to not have him enrage so prematurely.