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Thread: WeakAuras Tutoring Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggyb View Post
    Is there a simple way to have a weakaura check if nobody in a party or raid has a buff? Back when I was doing CMs, I made a weakaura to track Beacon of Insight to make sure it was up at all times with triggers specifically naming the 5 people in the group, but that's less viable in a raid setting or if you're in pug groups with constantly shifting rosters.
    As mentioned before to several other people before the great uipocalypse of 2015 I used to have auras that would track how many members of our raid were missing specific buffs, AP etc. I've tried to remake it but it will not function properly. Unless i'm high as a kite this SHOULD work

    its function is simply "If horn of winter or battle shout can't be found on 100% of the group, display aura". In its current state if I am in a group i just get the icon on my screen no matter what. My old aura also showed a number (stacks) in the bottom right showing the number of people not affected. While %s is set in the display options it doesn't show a number in practice either but that could simply be a product of the aura not functioning properly anyway.

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    Question Weakaura Boss is looking at me

    Is there a Way to make an weakaura which only triggers when the Boss is looking right at me and cast a specific Spell? I couldn't find anything like that on the web.
    Maybe I've used the wrong keywords. I'd appreciate any tipps

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    Hi all,

    Could somebody possible update this WA by Nesaru? Its the Harmony/lifebloom/shroom tracker for resto druids and I cant seem to find anybody that has done it yet.

    Basically with T18 4set we can have 2 lifeblooms up on 2 targets, but the WA just over writes itself atm, maybe there is a way to display two of the lifebloom bars one for each application, im no WA god to fix it, thank you to anybody who could help.
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    If anyone has seen the Mythic Blackhand kill for method, you might have noticed the weakaura message for the Marked for Death people saying "Left" "Middle" or "right".

    I cannot think of how to make this LUA code, and I would appreciate help or a completed code. Did Method just have a trigger based off of their name in alphabetical order? And would it be possible to use that same LUA format for all abilities that affect multiple people and requires positioning? (For example, Seed of Corruption on fel lord).

    Thank you.

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    First off, fantastic thread with lots of helpful information. I'm new to LUA and have just found this goldmine but have yet to read through all the posts.

    Before I start reading and learning I'd like some help with a simple announcer. What it needs to do is to /say something if a raid member gets hit by a specific spell whilst having a specific aura on them, e.g.:

    Raidmember "Bro" gets hit by Heal while having aura Weakened Soul making me say "Bro got healed".

    I imagine this can all be done within the custom trigger area, but that's about how far I've gotten on my own.

    Thanks for the help!

    Reading this again a few hours later I might have made the post overly confusing with the intent of making it easier for me to customize it for different things. What I really want it for is:

    On the boss Fel Lord Zakuun we have the problem of people exploding on us and I want to know if it's possible to announce said mistake with name. Something like:

    if groupmember hit by Wake of Destruction then
    if groupmember has aura Latent Energy then
    /s groupmember exploded

    Again, I'm new to the LUA syntax.
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    Some one is able to make or share weakaura for Archimonde radar like on this movie? :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ufeks View Post
    Some one is able to make or share weakaura for Archimonde radar like on this movie? :
    That Radar looks like it'd be awesome for mythic archimonde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ufeks View Post
    Some one is able to make or share weakaura for Archimonde radar like on this movie? :
    I noticed a update today to the Iskar Assist addon with the following patch note ..

    - added a radar for archimonde encounter.
    Not had a chance to test it.

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    Is there a way to make an aura showing who triggered Legendary Ring proc?

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    Question Tyrant Velhari P3 WA Help

    I've tried to build a Weakaura tracker for the last phase against Tyrant Velhari, but it's not working.
    I want a Text to popup with a countdown if Bulwark of the tyrant will be casted in 5 seconds the same goes for Gavel of the Tyrant.
    Here is my Weakaura string which is
    Maybe someone can take a look and tell me where I went wrong
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