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Thread: WeakAuras Tutoring Thread

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    First off much love for sharing so many WA scripts. I started this guide this morning and wow, it is fun but also a lot to take in.
    I successfully adapted the DBM skeleton to my raid encounter and the early warning and oncast triggers works beautifully.
    I am looking to enchance this with an additional feature, but I am hitting a brick wall. DBM indicates the iteration of a spellcast with a (1), (2), (3) ect. I am looking to do the same - I believe it is call spell cast counter. Below is dream solution that i've been unable to put together:

    I would like to request an enhancement to the "Deadly Boss Mods Timer Trigger" skeleton from page3.
    I would like to add one feature, messages, from "Custom Event Timer" skeleton from page8.

    -- messages: Custom messages to be displayed for specified event
    -- firings. Useful to create ordered lists such as cooldown rotations.

    GOAL: I want to be able to trigger *different* actions based on the increment of the spell cast, rather than take the same action each time it is cast.
    More specifically, I want to call out group assignments during an encounter a few seconds prior to boss casting a spell. A function to whisper specific assignment persons like in the Custom Event Timer would be icing on the cake.

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    I've made an 'Unofficial Weak Auras Help' discord channel if people are interested in helping / asking questions. I would love to have more people who know how to do custom code and give feedback / advice.
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    I am new to WeakAuras coming from TellMeWhen, but I found some very interesting stuff for my hunter so trying it out and liking it so far.

    Anyways I am trying to setup a weakaura that will show an Exorsus Raid Tool arrow to help me with going to particular spot which is set by a world marker when i get a debuff. I have been able to test some stuff but have not been able to find something that works right. What I am hoping for:

    1) ability to set a location that the arrow will point to that may vary (its a world marker that may change from pull to pull or from boss to boss)
    2) show the arrow with a distance indicator when I get a certain debuff (such as Shadow of Death on Gorefiend) (i can change the aura it on other bosses I think to fill my needs)

    and maybe a 2nd weakaura that I could target a raid member with the arrow instead of a fixed location by clicking on the elvui raid frame (similar to grid)

    This is as far as I got, which shows the arrow however I do not know how to create something that lets me set the coordinates easily without going into the weakaura and editing the custom function.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I was actually refered to this thread because the dbm custom skeleton was the only solution the WA dev offered when asked. And I tested it and its really great man! However Im a bigwigs user and Im crying because Im trying to convert it but I dont know how to do it.

    Link to my ticket at wowace :

    I would be so happy if you it is possible to do a skeleton for bigwigs aswell. Really hope your still here and know how to convert your skeleton.


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    The devs for WeakAuras have set up a Wiki page on their GitHub that they want to use as their official documentation located here:

    Right now it has a lot of the old documentation from WoWAce but it can easily be edited by the community if you log into GitHub. If you ahve any feedback or information, feel free to edit the page!

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    Hi, hopefully somebody can help me out.
    I'm trying to make a weak aura that shows the amount of shield left on Prismatic Barrier (arcane mage shield) and I want it to round it to the nearest thousand (eg 400000 becomes 400k).
    I've tried using the code someone linked earlier in this thread, but it doesn't seem to be working.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Here's the code I was trying to use:
    function() local GetUnitAuraValue = function(aura, valueType, unit, sourceUnit)
    if not aura then return end valueType, unit = valueType or 'name', unit or 'player' if not UnitExists(unit) then return end local v, value = {}
    local GetAuraValues = function(unit, aura, filter)
    local v, filter = {}, filter or 'HELPFUL', v.rank, v.icon, v.count, v.auraType, v.duration, v.expirationTime, v.unitCaster, v.isStealable, v.shouldConsolidate, v.spellId, v.canApplyAura, v.isBossDebuff, v.value1, v.value2, v.value3 = UnitAura(unit, aura, type(aura)=='number' and filter or nil, filter)
    return v
    local GetAuraValue = function(v, t, s) if v[t] then if s then if v.unitCaster and UnitExists(s) and v.unitCaster == s then return v[t] end else return v[t] end end end
    if type(aura) == 'string' then
    v = GetAuraValues(unit, aura)
    if GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) then return GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) end
    v = GetAuraValues(unit, aura, 'HARMFUL')
    if GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) then return GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) end
    elseif type(aura) == 'number' then
    for i=1,40 do v = GetAuraValues(unit, i)
    if v.spellId and v.spellId == aura then if GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) then return GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) end end
    v = GetAuraValues(unit, i, 'HARMFUL')
    if v.spellId and v.spellId == aura then if GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) then return GetAuraValue(v,valueType,sourceUnit) end end
    local ShortenNumber = function(value, decimal, format)
    if not value then return end
    format = format or '%s%s'
    function round(val, decimal)
    if (decimal) then
    return math.floor( (val * 10^decimal) + 0.5) / (10^decimal)
    return math.floor(val+0.5)
    if(value > 999999999) then return (format):format(round(value/1000000000, decimal), 'b') end
    if(value > 999999) then return (format):format(round(value/1000000, decimal), 'm') end
    if(value > 999) then return (format):format(round(value/1000, decimal), 'k') end
    local shield = ShortenNumber(GetUnitAuraValue(235450, 'value2'))
    return shield or ''
    -- END EDIT

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    Hi Guys,

    I could need your help on a WeakAura Im trying to make. I have no idea if it can even work but let me explain what I need:

    The Nighthold Boss Elisande Casts a specific Spell I`m trying to track: "Arcanetic Ring". Here is what I found out about the Spell so far:

    Phase 1 Arcanetic Ring timing appears to be:
    30-40 seconds into the phase
    50 seconds after the first Arcanetic Ring
    30 seconds after the second Arcanetic Ring
    35 seconds after the third Arcanetic Ring

    When Elisande casts Arcanetic Ring, she also summons an Echo of Elisande that will remain in that location for subsequent phases.

    This Echo will cast Arcanetic Ring on its location at the same time in subsequent phases
    If the first Arcanetic Ring occurs at 35 seconds into Phase 1, the Echo of Elisande that was created there will also cast Arcanetic Ring at 35 seconds into Phase 2, and again at 35 seconds into Phase 3

    So what i need is to track the first Arcanetic Ring via Combatlog or some sort of combatlog (because its random between 30 and 40 seconds). From then on it would be the set timers from 50sec after first - 30 seconds after 2nd and 35 seconds after.
    I Want the Weak aura to Track the first via Combatlog so i can tell the Raid when the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are coming. Also it save when between 30 and 40 seconds the first Ring was cast.

    When the Boss casts her Rewind cast to reset the Fight i want to be able to track all the Arcanetic Rings and get Timers for them.

    I`m sure you could help me with that and i would appreciate any help you can provide me.

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    I think what I want to do is very simple, but I've spent a few hours screwing around and I can't google it correctly or figure it out on my own.
    How can I override the duration info in an aura? For example, when I cast a debuff with a duration of 15 seconds, I want to change the length of the bar to 30 seconds, so the bar will start off 1/2 full.
    I'm doing this so I can compare multiple debuffs (or buffs) on the same scale.

    Does this make sense?
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    Disclaimer: Vox Immortalis is inactive, and has been inactive for nearly two years. You can post your questions if you want, not going to stop ya, but if you don't get an answer now ya know... Please take this information and run with it, as it's pure gold. But for future questions, I'd like to perhaps suggest using another Weakaura Resource! You can find an entire list on the official Weakaura Discord. (Here's a link for convenience: )

    Take care, and happy gaming!

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