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    First off much love for sharing so many WA scripts. I started this guide this morning and wow, it is fun but also a lot to take in.
    I successfully adapted the DBM skeleton to my raid encounter and the early warning and oncast triggers works beautifully.
    I am looking to enchance this with an additional feature, but I am hitting a brick wall. DBM indicates the iteration of a spellcast with a (1), (2), (3) ect. I am looking to do the same - I believe it is call spell cast counter. Below is dream solution that i've been unable to put together:

    I would like to request an enhancement to the "Deadly Boss Mods Timer Trigger" skeleton from page3.
    I would like to add one feature, messages, from "Custom Event Timer" skeleton from page8.

    -- messages: Custom messages to be displayed for specified event
    -- firings. Useful to create ordered lists such as cooldown rotations.

    GOAL: I want to be able to trigger *different* actions based on the increment of the spell cast, rather than take the same action each time it is cast.
    More specifically, I want to call out group assignments during an encounter a few seconds prior to boss casting a spell. A function to whisper specific assignment persons like in the Custom Event Timer would be icing on the cake.

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