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Notes for Heroic: Ragnaros:

How will this help?

Firstly, Dreadflame should be (generally) more stable and handled, as I think I overestimated the strength of Blink in comparison to my own numerous movement buffs plus innate 30%. Secondly, our raid DPS will improve overall -- while we'll lose a little bit from Bauser, if we assume he'll spend approximately 10 seconds moving from the Breadth/raid out to taunt location, taunting, and waiting behind roots until Rag is stunned, that's 10 out of every 60 seconds, or from our best Phase 4 attempt tonight, that's an overall DPS loss for Bauser of ~4755 (of his total 28,531). However, this should actually be offset slightly (if not entirely) by the fact that once the stun applies, Bauser will be right next to Rag and able to freely attack him while the 50% damage bonus is applied for a good 9 seconds out of every 60.

More importantly, obviously, is that Kilwenn can go back to full-time DPS, which is a huge gain as we can see by the log here from our best attempt. Obviously before Cloudburst/Dreadflame Kilwenn does some damage, but after that there's nothing at all. And if you tick the box for me as well, you can clearly see that compared to the rest of the DPS, I'm barely registering for all the previously outlined reasons (tank spec, can't use primary combo-builder, etc.), so even combined, Kilwenn and I are not even close to the total effective DPS of even the lower DPS spectrum of the rest of the raid.

If we safely assume Kilwenn can sustain at least the level of the rest, around 22k+, that's still a very large Raid DPS gain of about 12k over what I'm doing as a "DPS" on that stage (I'm negating the 5500 effective DPS from Kil in that log because in previous attempts when I was on Dreadflame I did about the same overall due to DoTs). That gain alone from Kilwenn, again assuming the loss for Bauser is outweighed by his ability to attack right after root stun with the bonus, adds up to another ~2.4% of Rag's health over the course of the Phase. And of course as DPS increases, surviving long enough before Dreadflame takes over becomes easier as well.
First let me apologize for my poor performance handling Dreadflames. I have been extremely frustrated with it so I did some research and found out a few things. I checked my graphics settings and somehow my textures setting was set very low. I am not sure why it changed but it did. I also noticed that some of my other settings were changed so I have corrected all of my settings now. I know that Rag throws a projectile to start the Dreadflame, but I was having a hard time seeing it. I imagine my graphics settings could be partially blamed for that as well. I also learned that you can stand on the Dreadflame spawn point with Deluge and it will extinguish the Dreadflame immediately when the projectile hits.

Another problem I had was Blinking through the middle of the room. There were a few times I was tripping on pixels. You know, the "I am so fucking high right now" moments that interfere with Blink working the way it is supposed to. One nice thing about Kull handling Dreadflame is he won't have that problem. Also, for situations when Dreadflames spawn under Roots, he can just run out there and taunt Rag. The 30% run speed will definitely help as well.

Anyway, I would be willing to try Dreadflames again if you need me to. I think the corrections I have made will definitely help.