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Thread: Firelands Strategy Notepod

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    Default Firelands Strategy Notepod

    Some basic notes for upcoming fights so we have an overall plan to reference. For detailed information on the fights, see the Dungeon Journal, this site, YouTube, or TankSpot.

    Lord Rhyolith

    Phase 1

    Vikrum (Tank A) on Spark of Rhyolith, single mob that has high HP and pulses a short-range AE. Tank outside of the raid.
    Taka (Tank B) on Fragments of Rhyoligh, pack of small mobs, should be tanked on the ranged/healer stack for agro purposes as they have no AE.

    Fragments have 154k HP and after 30 seconds will deal damage equal to their current health to a random raid member. Thus, given their relatively low HP, it seems to me Taka could probably deal enough damage to the Fragments himself to either kill them, or at least wound them enough that their actual health at the 30 second mark is so low the random damage to a player is trivial.

    The Spark add does an AE as mentioned and also gains a stacking buff every few seconds of Since this increases the damage the mob takes as well, it seems most beneficial to hold off DPSing the Spark for as long as healing is stable on Vik as the tank, such that less DPS time is wasted killing the Spark and not on the main boss.

    Controlling Rhyolith

    The boss needs to be directed by attacking his feet (left turns him left, right turns him right). If damage is even on feet (or damage is dealt to his body itself), he will center himself and walk straight. The key is to force Rhyo to walk onto a volcano, causing him to lose some of his damage reduction buffs. Rhyo must also NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WALK OFF THE PLATFORM INTO LAVA.

    Ansum/Bauser will be our primary "drivers". Each will be assigned a separate foot of Rhyolith as their main foot to attack, and when Rhyolith needs to be turned, both will attack the proper foot to turn him until he can be straightened out by going back to assigned feet.

    Ranged DPS will attack Rhyolith's torso most of the time, thereby not affecting his direction. When necessary, ranged DPS will kill off the current Spark that is being tanked.

    Everyone must avoid standing on fire trails that erupt from shattered volcanoes throughout the fight.

    Phase 2

    At 25%, Rhyo stop spawning adds and has normal threat and should be tanked by one of the tanks. The raid should stack up behind Rhyo to provide the best AE healing as there is a soft enrage as he continues to cast every-increasing AE damage while we burn him down.


    Phase 1 - Below Web

    Both tanks should taunt Spinners that are hanging in the air to force them down to melee range. They don't really need to be tanked once they've been taunted.

    Taka will be the Below Web tank on the Cinderweb Drone. Should be kited roughly in a circle around the outside of the room, or as necessary to keep it away from Cinderweb Spiderlings. Spiderlings spawn in packs and have no normal threat, but instead run directly toward the Drone. If they reach the Drone, the Drone consumes them, gaining a stack of which is bad. Spiderlings will attack anyone within melee range of them so best to keep distance. After 75 seconds, all the Drone's energy will drain, and it will climb up to Beth'tilac and drain her energy (very bad), thus the Drone should be killed before it's energy drains all the way.

    Boh/Hark/Chuk/Baus will be Below Web DPS, attacking Spinners > Spiderlings > Drones in basic order. Spiderlings may be slowable/stun, so Howling Blast/Mushrooms/Hark Stun/etc may be very handy for slowing them down as you attack from out of melee range.

    Duux/Kain will be Below Web Healers.

    Phase 1 - Above Web

    Beth'tilac while Above Web has normal melee attacks and does a pulsing AE while also dropping a meteor on a random raid member above, which should be avoided.

    Vikrum will be Above Web tank on Beth'tilac and should use Resist Aura.

    Ansum/Kil will be Above Web DPS on Beth'tilac and should use Armor Totem/Windfury and Arcane spec, respectively, as we are only allowed to be Above Web in short bursts of time thus maximum DPS for those periods is ideal.

    Kull will be Above Web healer.

    Phase 1 Rotation

    Once Spinners are taunted down to the ground and killed, they will drop strands that can be "mounted" like a vehicle, which will take the player up to the top of the web where Beth'tilac is. Therefore, we should time it somewhat so that we have enough strands (four) active before we start heading up, and that the tank goes up slightly before the healer/dps so Beth doesn't rape us.

    After about 80 seconds, Beth's energy will drain to zero, and she'll cast a massive AE on the Above Web area. All Above Web players must jump through the hole in the web to drop down to Below Web and avoid death, and then taunt/kill new Spinners for strands back up top. After three full Above Web phases, Phase 2 begins.

    Phase 2

    Beth comes down below with the whole raid and is tanked again and stops spawning adds. All previously spawned adds should be dead by this time or she will heal herself from them. Tanks will need to taunt off each other when the other tank gets applied, and tanks should stand ~15 yards apart to avoid AEing each other and the raid with the AE part of that (doesn't show in tooltip). Raid damage continues to stack up based on Frenzy stacks on Beth, so she must be low enough health by this time to kill her off before damage is unhealable.


    The flight phase stuff is very hard to explain, better to just watch an example of it:

    Phase 1

    Alys will fly through the center of the room (she cleaves so stay to the side) and drop feathers on the ground. Anyone who picks up a feather gets a spood beest and can cast while moving, but picking up three feathers causes the player to fly in addition.

    Harkle/Boheem will be our Flight DPS members initially (though we can change this depending on if certain people feel strongly they are good/bad at navigating 3D space in WoW and are good at flying through the rings that are needed while DPSing). After feathers are safely dropped, the Flight DPS grab three feathers each and immediately fly up and start following Alys around, DPSing her while flying through every ring quickly and efficiently, stacking up This also refreshes the flight time to 20 second duration, so if no ring is acquired for 20 seconds, you fall (and suck balls). If the buff stacks to 25 max, you get 75% crit for 40 seconds. Also, there are floating clouds that deal heavy damage if you remain in them, so avoid those (watch the video for a DPS flight PoV).

    Taka/Vik will both be tanking on the ground: When two eggs spawn in the center, each tank stands on top of their own egg, which causes a Hatchling to "fixate" on the nearest player for threat purposes. After 15 seconds, the Hatchling gains, which increases damage until the tank drags the mob near one of four Lava Worms around the room, which are consumed by the Hatchling and apply the buff again for 15 seconds. Tanks also deal 1000% extra damage to their fixated hatchling, and should be capable of soloing the hatchling as needed.

    Timing the Hatchlings' consuming of Lava Worms is key. Four worms spawn at a time, giving two worms to each tank per set, and once those four die, the final set of four spawn, for a total of four worms for each tank overall. Thus, tanks should DPS the Hatchling as much as they can, but not enough that it will die before all four worms for that tank have been consumed (else the worms remain alive). Worms will turn in a slow circle using a flame cone attack on anyone near, so tanks should approach worms from a proper angle to avoid the fire.

    Non-Flight DPS will be split into two groups to handle Blazing Talon Initiate. Two spawn at a time, and they are stationary/have no threat, but will try to cast frequently and thus should be interrupted.

    Phase 2

    After a long Phase 1, Alys will dive into the center of the room and create a ton of fiery vortexes that fly in pre-defined circle paths around the room (again see videos for example). The ground in the arena actually shows basic outlines of these paths, but basically players must side step between vortexes as they spin around or take a lot of damage/die. Flight DPS should run through ground rings during this phase to keep their stack going, as the following phase causes the boss to take extra damage for a short period, and keeping the buff for that would be great DPS boosts.

    Phase 3

    Alys will burn out, stopping vortex spawns and briefly staying in the center and taking extra damage. In addition, healers should nuke her, as every direct damage spell causes you to gain 10% mana during this phase. Tanks should split off during this phase to chain stun and interrupt the two Clawshaper spawns, as they will attempt to channel an energy boost on Alys. Delaying this energy gain by stunning/interrupting prolongs the phase and thus DPS burn.

    Phase 4

    One tank should taunt her as she must be tanked during this short period and has a frontal cleave attack. She also does massive AE raid damage, so the rest of the raid should be stacked up behind for heals. Once she's full energy, she does a final BIG AE to the raid and the entire fight starts over at Phase 1 and repeats.



    Vikrum, for the time being, will be our tank and we'll try a single-tank setup. Throughout the fight, the tank gets a stacking buff ( that increases total health but also physical damage taken. The tank will be hit by Decimation Blade for 90% of their total health and every 60 seconds Baleroc gains which lasts 15 seconds. The above is a simple indicator for the tank to cooldown for Inferno Blade, so that the Blade + a Decimation won't one-shot the tank.


    We will have DPS split into two groups of three people, distributed based on cooldown frequency and strength. Every 35 seconds, a Shard of Torment will spawn near the back feet of Baleroc. The closest player to the Shard will begin gaining a stacking debuff and damage from, which means after ~10 seconds, the damage becomes fairly unhealable without cooldowns. A Shard remains active for about 30 seconds, thus each Shard spawn will have a rotation of three DPS players that will take turns soaking the damage. The longer a player can continue to soak Torment, the better (more on this in healing section), but suffice to say we want our first and hopefully second player in each three-person rotation to have a strong cooldown or mitigation.

    Rotation Groups are currently as follows:

    Group A: Bauser > Boheem > Kilwenn
    Group B: Ansum > Harkle > Takaoni

    Each unique player should figure out when the best timing is for their personal survival cooldowns, such that the maximum damage is mitigated. For example, Bauser's AMS only lasts five(?) seconds, thus he should wait to use that cooldown until he has 5-6 stacks of Torment (as indicated by the WeakAuras Display above), since damage increases with each tick. However, Ansum, with a cooldown that will last the full duration, can pop Shamanistic Rage as soon as he starts stacking Torment and have it easily last the full duration. Others can figure out their own cooldown timings as needed.

    Since the Torment from a Shard only stacks on the closest player to the Shard within 15 yards, it's important that players who are preparing to take over Torment soaking are near the player ahead of them in the rotation, but not closer then the shard. A three-person line is ideal, for example with the Shard on the right, Ansum just to the left of the Shard soaking the first Torment stacks, Harkle to the left of Ansum, and Taka to the left of Harkle. Same sort of setup for Group A when it is their turn.

    When the player taking over for you calls out they are stepping in, move a good distance away to avoid accidentally getting Torment again, as you'll have a nasty debuff at that time (and it will screw up future rotations).

    The WeakAuras Display above for DPS has ONE thing that should be changed. It is designed to show you a timer when the player in front of you in the rotation is currently getting Torment stacks and shows a countdown timer until the moment you should step in to take over. But the player in front of you in the rotation should be specified in the Trigger settings. To do this, simply do the following:

    1. Toggle open the Baleroc Torment Group.
    2. Select the Torment Config display.
    3. Click the Trigger tab.
    4. Scroll down and change the Specific Unit field value to the name of the player in front of you in the rotation.
    5. Hit Enter to save the change and close WeakAuras.

    This will tell the trigger to only display that countdown bar for you when the actual player before you in the rotation is getting hit.


    We'll try with three healers to start. The above is a two-part display for healers that attempts to give us simple warnings for our Vital Flame/tank healing rotation. To deal with healing requirements of the fight, healers get a stacking buff of whenever they heal a DPS afflicted by Torment. As soon as they land a heal on the tank, they instead stop gaining Vital Spark stacks from Torment heals and gain a temporary buff to tank healing from, which lasts 15 seconds. After Vital Flame expires, the healer regains their previous Vital Spark count and can restack it again with more Torment healing.

    Thus, the basic rotation should be as follows:

    1. Kulldon heals the tank for 15 seconds with Vital Flame active.
    2. Meanwhile Duux and Kain are spamming the Torment players to stack Spark.
    3. Just as Vital Flame is ending on Kull, Kain takes over tank healing and gains Vital Flame.
    4. Kull and Duux spam Torment player for Spark stacks.
    5. After 15 seconds of Kain on the tank, Duux takes over tank healing.
    6. Kull and Kain spam Torment player for Spark stacks.
    7. Repeat.

    The WeakAuras Import has two simple displays to help with our rotation. Like the DPS Torment Rotation above, it requires a minor setting change to correctly set the player before you in the Trigger (Baleroc Tank Heal > Trigger > Specific Unit: Change the name to the healer before you in rotation and hit Enter). Now, when the person in front of you has 5 seconds left on their Vital Flame buff, you will see the warning and countdown bar indicating you are up next on tank healing and should start when the timer runs out. The second part of the display is just an icon and duration time for Vital Flame, so the healer knows not to land another heal after Vital Flame expires (lest they heal the tank again while Spark is back up and thus re-trigger Vital Flame again on accident).

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    Majordomo Staghelm

    Majordomo Staghelm is a two phase fight which alternates depending on the raid's location, with a few additional mechanics every third time he changes phases. This fight is meant to be one tanked, and most likely three healed.

    Scorpion form

    Whenever 7 or more raid members are clustered together he will shift into a scorpion form. This is the form we will force him into first. We will all stack in the center of the room and have Vik pull him to us. Flame Scythe is the main ability Majordomo will cast each time his energy bar reaches 100. This ability is much like Maloriak's Flame breath and is to be soaked by all raid members, so we will all be stacked on the tank and in front of the boss. After each Flame Scythe cast he will gain a buff called Adrenaline, which will cause each subsequent Flame Scythe to occur faster as this buff stacks. The Adrenaline buff is removed whenever Majordomo switches forms, however he will gain a buff Fury which STAYS between form swaps, so ideally we want to limit the number of times he changes forms.

    In general I've seen most raids doing about 6-7 Flame Scythe before making him switch out of Scorpion. We will aim for 6 and see what the healing feels like and go from there.

    Once we want him to swap out of Scorpion and into Cat form the healers and ranged dps will spread around the circle in the middle of the room like so:

    Cat form

    Once the raid is spread out he will shift into Cat form and his stacks of Adrenaline will reset. It is important that we spread out immediately after the decided upon Flame Scythe is cast. If we wait too long his energy may reach 100 while still in scorpion and hit Vik for the full 750k as he would be the only soaker.

    While in cat form he will use Leaping Flames every 100 energy, and jump on a random raid member, leaving a large bad glowy aka a large floor monster where he landed that deals 25k fire damage every 0.50 seconds. If you are the targeted raid member for Leaping Flames you should move just outside of the circle of fire, however do not move towards the center of the room to get out of this fire unless its time to stack again. It is better to move towards another caster than to move too close to Majordomo and force him to shift back into scorpion prematurely. After each Leaping Flames he will gain a stack of Adrenaline, and spawn a Spirit of the Flame add which deals the same melee damage as the boss. Vik should pick up this add, and dps should kill it immediately.

    Most kills I've seen let him do Leaping Flames 5-6 times before forcing him back into scorpion. We will start off by having him do 6 leaps then force him to switch forms. Immediately after the 6th jump the entire raid will stack on the tank, making sure they are in front of Majordomo ready to soak the upcoming Flame Sycthe.

    Fun Factor Form aka Human Form

    Every third shift Majordomo will cast one of two spells, either Searing Seeds or Burning Orbs. While casting these spells he will stun everyone in the raid for 3 seconds so don't freak out (ZOMG I CAN'T MOVE).

    If Majordomo is going from Cat to Scorpion as his third form he will cast Searing Seeds, which will implant everyone with a fiery seed that explodes after awhile. Each player's timer until their Searing Seeds explodes will be different such that only 2 people should ever be away from the raid at a time; one person running out and one person running back in. The Weak Auras below will show up when you have 5 seconds left on your debuff, at which time you should run away from the raid atleast 12 yards, let the seed explode and then proceed to stack with the raid once again.

    Searing Seeds:
    [SPOILER]d4docaGEru9nrIDrIYRbKhtQMjjsZvjmBs5WeUPO05HOBJQoTq 7uc7LA3OSFOQFQKggKghj8xGAOIugmuz4sYbjrmnOCmu5CIkle iwQivlweYYf8qrspv1YKONt0effnvPAYK00vCriCvG0Za46aQn csBvuyZGA7Ii(OiW8er6ZG47KOAKIG2Ms1OvIA8kroPs5wIQUM K6EIOCzKdjc1VLYMZD)O)gBOaSqNwSP3yYfBfzagHgXtSrOboB BiWqJbcLZx6h4sP0N3x1x1DF4gBEm5KlkX8vJYknbYpcDGK(hb ImVYWJlbi64XTcApX(bcsSX6iRi)OEJ5JCfgwsJHILcwofk252 bOaDNRU0W5XQ9xAfgwsJHMhBhnhxDz5(oaa7CLygopwT)eIqGq b39deVFTVkLiGHH7iRi)eQK0ZcfuL6Ze8K0DxW5FseImi4XDIu LE8de)Affetl4N0K5dSKsN4niE8LJqhizQn2iImEIn(RG2)wMi 8fSiVyInM7(8IiZD)bzf5xfijn(vbssJVqRAzrAaRjjpE8JQ(N eHidcECNivPVCe6ajtRfzJpiR9(AwF9wttTPCMbXFOLMuBATG7 UO0qvGwdalxTcuSsa5qrXmC(AaUaGlq94Xx4U)jriYGGh3jsv6 VXgkal0PfB6nMCXwrgGrOr8eBeAGZ2gcm0yGq584NexWHHI6Xg[/SPOILER]

    If Majordomo is going from Scorpion to Cat as his third form he will cast Burning Orbs, which will spawn two orbs in a random location around the room that will target the nearest raid member doing 5k fire damage every 2 seconds and stacks. It appears that this is very minimal damage as long as the ranged raid members swap who is closest every 6-8 seconds much like that of the Shards of Torment on Baleroc. The plan will to just be very vocal in mumble as to who needs a relief, and use personal cooldowns to hold it for as long is reasonable. Ideally myself, Harkle or Kilwenn should hold it for longer due to our damage reduction abilities.

    Since we are starting Majordomo in scorpion form the fight should look something like this:

    Scorpion, Cat, casts Searing Seeds, Scorpion form while dealing with Seeds, Cat, Scorpion, casts Burning Orbs, Cat while dealing with Orbs, Scorpion, Win Or Repeat
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    Looks really good man. I was going to get up early tomorrow morning and write something up but you've beaten me to the punch. I only see one correction however;
    Quote Originally Posted by Kainhighwind View Post
    leaving a large bad glowy
    Should read "leaving a large floor monster."

    Bad glowy is no longer recognized by this guild iirc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikrum View Post
    Should read "leaving a large Harkle."
    Look beyond what you see.

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    Kain and I will be working on getting a strat up for this fight. However in the meantime you guys can start by watching this video to help facilitate anything we come up with. This fight looks insanely easy and we should expect to get him down before reset.

    If you want to be an over achiever you can read the strat, but at least just give the video a look. There is a lot to think about, but it seems pretty easy to avoid a lot of stuff.


    Ragnaros Normal <--- Click me

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    Looks good guys, own those fiery sloots!

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    Putting some things here as I come across them. These strats could be 100% garbage, but you never know.

    Heroic Lord Ryolith:
    Our strategy ignored the liquid obsidians. Sure, some of them went through and increased armor stacks but if you concentrate and kill them, you have almost as much of a chance as letting them through anyway with dps wasted. We try to bring fragments to clumps of obsidians when the call to aoe goes out and most of them die that way, or are just kited indefinitely since rhyolith is faster than the obsidians (especially if you put down frost traps + earthbinds).

    The melee dps were hitting the legs nonstop, with some cleaves if fragments are very close, while ranged would multidot legs when possible. After the 3rd spark is dead, boss is around 50-60% hp with a low number of armor stacks (maybe 20-30). We pop hero and burn him, ignoring everything but the next wave of fragments. It quickly gets him to 25% which gets him to despawn all adds. After that it's a simple burn with rotating raid cds for 20-30 seconds while he dies.

    1-2 raid cds on first stomp after transition, bh trinkets on second stomp, and everything else you got for the third. Generally even if third stomp takes out 90% of the raid dots will push him over.
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    Heroic Shannox:

    Seems the major differences are that in addition to trapping Riplimb in crystal prisons (to rid myself and Taka of the debuff) we have to do the same with Rageface (to rid of him of a stacking buff increasing physical damage done). The trap alone won't do it, but the trap + everyone getting away from the trap and making him run further to engage someone in melee will. The stack increases when he's able to melee one of us.

    Overall this fight doesn't seem vastly different and we shouldn't have too much trouble with it.

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    I'm back in town and my what a pleasant surprise to return to! Nice work on NewDomo and Rag folks!

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    Heroic Lord Rhyolith

    So I have spent some time this morning trying to gather some data. I wish I was better at WoL analyzing but sadly I am not. What I did though is basically look over about 15 Heroic Lord Rhyo kills. Closed tabs on 5 of them and started to look at some numbers. Suffice it to say these kills are taken completely at random. Some are by guilds who destroyed him and some by guilds who had probably just achieved their first kill. This is what I found, could be useless, maybe not.

    Out of 10 different HLR kills:
    *Comparisons will be our Try 27 wipe.
    • Fight Length Average: 5:45 vs. Our longest fight being try 27 @ 4:37.

    • Average Obsidian Armor Stack: 48 - Us 29

    • Average Obsidian Armor Buff Uptime: 47.79% - Us 46.6%

    • Turning Flame Uptime: 25.16% - Us 20.2%

    • In all 10 kills, every single one used 1 tank. The tank's number one source of damage was Spark of Rhyolith. All 10 tanks were barely hit by Fragments. Most was 3 hits for 75k, least being 1 hit for 16k. In almost every case the person who took the most damage (2nd on damage taken list) from the Fragments was a Warlock, Holy Paladin, Resto Druid. In 2 of 10 cases it was a non-blood DK.

    Just thought I would put this information out there. But I think it's safe to say we can move to a 1 tank 2 heal setup and that will at least push that variable out of any strats we implement going forward. Of course unless someone says otherwise. But it seems logical. Like I said earlier I wish I was able to glean more information from looking at WoL but this is a start I suppose.
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