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    The druids at MMOChamp have been sifting through the WoWDB database and compiling a list of abilities we swap with our targets, here is what we know so far:

    We give other classes some pretty interesting stuff right now. All the tank specs gain a badass cooldown that could help round-out damage reductions on specific fights. I have to admit though, I'm jealous that resto druids get Teleport from warlocks. None of the balance stuff is very special right now. Awesome, but not OMFG THIS IS AMAZING.

    Looks pretty cool so far!

    Oh... hey Gale! Now you can get Solar Beam and see how shitty it is! You should complain on the beta forums for a lower CD when we get in XD

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    This ability blows my mind. Too bad our raid comp will be 2 druids, 1 holy pally, and 7 monks >.<


    Oh wait am I high or does the druid in fact lose their ability when they symbiosis?

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    Nope, we keep all of our abilities. The Symbiosis button is replaced with the spell it takes, and the class on the receiving end gets the new druid ability in their spellbook.

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    Bah! I like the druid losing the ability conceptually a lot more. Its basically "Here I can't effectively use this ability because I am a tank, so you as a healer can have it!"

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    I can't wait to use Solar Beam on, wait, what?? Solar Beam?? Bah, I would figure that they would give us a useful ability, especially since we already have Wind Shear to interrupt, however in PvP it could be useful. Oh well, it's another thing that I can do to the feast before we eat it.

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    When Tree is Starkin/Flapkin and I'm Fury I think the Enrage/Recklessness Swap will be an amazing one provided that the Enrage actually counts as an ENRAGE. Fury's currently proposed mastery will just be a flat physical damage increase while enraged.


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    Oh I'm totally staying Flapkin. It's obviously the sexiest druid form in existence. Well... no, Treants are amazing too. I'm not sure I could ever win over limp broccoli.

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