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Thread: Dragon Soul Notepod

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    Default Dragon Soul Notepod

    Read this if you wish, these are just my own notes and something with which to start this thread. ><

    2 tank, 2 heal
    Clear enough trash around boss to allow free movement within 50 yards to one side. Place raid marker direct center on boss location, and another couple near each other about 35 yards away.
    2-tanks; crush armor stacks (reduce armor 10%); tank up to 3-stacks, other tank taunts
    Stack behind boss, max melee range
    3 people team move out and stack on crystal. After 12 sec, explodes doing more damage to closest 3 people the further away from crystal.
    every 12-14 sec, does 750k split among all players in 25 yards, double damage to two closest players (SHOULD BE TANKS)
    stuns and does 25% of total health in damage while casting, then creates black pools on the ground. Raid runs out toward outside raid markers together and hides behind nearest rocks to line of sight blood. WAIT for next Stomp after ooze to move back in and reposition boss on marker.

    Warlord Zon'ozz
    1 tank, 2-3 heal
    Increases his damage and attack speed over the course of the fight.
    Frontal cone attack dealing heavy shadow damage and leeching life back for 10 times the amount. Must not hit more than the tank.
    Random player target takes damage over time and extra damage and is knocked in the air when this is dispelled.
    Orb will spawn and deal 180k damage, split among all players that it touches in melee. Once it hits a player, it will bounce in the opposite direction and increase damage dealt by the AE by 20% for each subsequent bounce. Of Void Orb hits the wall of the room, does 120k damage to raid and knocks us in the air. If Void Orb hits BOSS, increases damage he takes by 5% per stack/bounce count of Void Orb that he absorbed. This effect stacks for subsequent orbs and lasts duration of fight. Also resets FOCUSED ANGER stacks on BOSS and causes BLACK BLOOD OF GO'RATH to take over room, dealing 17k DPS to everyone for 30 seconds.
    Face boss toward ranged group to begin until first Void Orb is cast, then face him away at all times to avoid psychic drain hitting multiple players. Move the boss from side to side slightly as needed to allow melee DPS to continue attacking while they absorb Void Orb. Once needed, move BOSS into path of incoming Void Orb to have BOSS absorb it.
    Stand at max range stacked up so the first VOID ORB can be easily hit. Stick together, moving side to side as needed to absorb incoming VOID ORB. If afflicted with DISRUPTING SHADOWS, move out of raid/VOID ORB path until dispelled and fully healed again.
    Stack behind boss at max melee, keeping yourself between boss and incoming Void Orb at all times. Stick together, moving side to side as needed to absorb incoming VOID ORB. If afflicted with DISRUPTING SHADOWS, move out of raid/VOID ORB path until dispelled and fully healed again.
    Bounce first VOID ORB between ranged group and melee group 7+ times until damage is too high, then do two more bounces using solo players with cooldowns (Dougall Dispersion > Bauser AMS > Kilwenn Ice Block) then have BOSS absorb. Repeat with new orb bounces, but keep bounce count lower (5-6). Burn Lust and DPS cooldowns once his stack count is high enough. Use raid cooldowns for post-absorb AE phase.

    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

    YELLOW Globule - Yor'sahj's Void Bolt now hits all nearby targets for 59000 Shadow damage in addition to the primary target component. Yor'sahj uses his abilities twice as often, and his attack speed increases by 50%.
    BLUE Globule - Mana Void - A Mana Void leeches all the mana from every ranged spell caster and healer, storing the mana within itself. Destroying the Mana Void evenly returns the total of the leeched mana via Mana Diffusion to players within 30 yards.
    RED Globule - Searing Blood - Yor'sahj sears the blood of three random players, inflicting a base of 73000 Fire damage. The further the target stands from Yor'sahj, the greater shock received from the blast. In 25 player raids, Yor'sahj sears the blood of eight random players.
    BLACK Globule - Forgotten One - The Forgotten One emits a wave of psychic force at its current target, inflicting 57200 Shadow damage.
    GREEN Globule - Digestive Acid periodically secretes from the stomach lining, inflicting 69000 Nature damage to a player and nearby allies within 4 yards.
    PURPLE Globule - Deep Corruption spreads to every player, causing every fifth healing or absorption effect cast on a player to trigger a violent detonation, inflicting 97000 Shadow damage to all players.

    1 tank, 2-3 heals

    2 tank, 2-3 heals
    New ability everyone in raid gets that will take you out of Twilight Realm for 5 sec.
    Every 45 sec, tries to kill everyone in Twilight Realm. Use Heroic Will to exit Twilight Realm and avoid damage. One player must soak each Hour of Twilight, so rotation assignments will be made.
    This is why two tanks are required -- fades a player out after a short period, causing them to die if they are in Twilight Realm. Should Heroic Will when close to ending duration to be in Normal Realm when this expires, allowing player to survive but dropping all threat for 5 seconds.
    100% healing buff (Kain or other)
    Duplicates all healing and splits it evenly among all players (Kull or other)
    Spells cost 25% normal mana and spell haste is 100% higher (Kilwenn or other DPS usable?)
    Everyone in the raid gets an “extra life” -- death will consume this one-time buff and heal the player back to full. This will be utilized for the achievement that requires a player never eat more than one HOUR OF TWILIGHT.

    1 tank, 2 heals
    Keep assigned non-melee in beams to soak stacks and avoid DPS loss.
    Tank use a cooldown.
    Raid splits evenly to two groups and runs to opposite edges of platform (raid marked). Immediately DPS nearby crystal that spawn but watch near Hagara for Ice Wave as it moves outward. Follow the closest one GOING CLOCKWISE and dodge the falling ice.
    Tank picks up both adds and tanks then on top of an inner Crystal Conductor. Once one dies. tank moves to opposite/mirror crystal conductor for other death. Raid forms a chain from first conductor with other players, about 10-15 yards between each, toward other still active crystals until they are decharged.

    Warmaster Blackhorn
    2 tanks, 2 heals
    Minor damage to the ship in a small shadow radius. Ignore these.
    Huge damage to ship in a large shadow radius. All raid members except current tank should step on these (use raid cooldowns to absorb in rotation: AM > DG > HP Shout/Tranq)
    Highest priority DPS target; must be killed before it reaches the platform and explodes.
    DPS should kill these anytime a Sapper is not alive and the drake has been pulled down near the deck.
    PHASE 2
    Start at one end of the ship with ranged/healers in one back corner and tank/melee in the opposite. Move toward opposite edge as needed from Twilight Flames patches.
    Cone attack, so keeping stacked with your group is important to allow movement out of this to be simple.

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    Initial Dragon Soul WeakAuras imports (make sure WeakAuras is up-to-date):

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    I think I prefer these threads as notepods.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ultraxion- Timeloop will be placed on every player after the forth and fifth Hour of Twilight explosions.
    Yor'sahj- Consider a different ooze order depending on the combinations out, perhaps Yellow > Black if Red/Black/Yellow.

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    You're the best kull

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    Madness of Deathwing

    Quick note, but just noticed this in the journal and checked logs to confirm: Blistering Tentacles are immune to AoE damage (log proof). Thus a ton of our attempted damage we were dealing to them was actually doing nothing. Next time we should be able to kill them quite a bit faster by focusing on single-target stuff and getting a couple down right away. ><

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    So thats the reason fire nova was not hitting any of them.

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    Notes for Heroic: Yor'sahj:

    Unless the values have been modified from PTR, I decided to do some quick napkin math to determine what our DPS requirement would be like on this fight and the results are pleasantly low.

    After checking numerous videos, it seems that just like normal, Heroic mode has only 6 possible color combinations, which are as follows:

    I've ordered them in order of our priority, so we'd always be left with the final 3 colors in any given row. From this, we can determine the probability we'll face a particular setup, specifically which sets of adds and how often.

    Chance for Mana Orb: 4 in 6
    Chance for Forgotten Ones: 5 in 6

    Further, here are the HP totals of each individual element in the fight:

    Yor'sahj: 47,240,000
    Ooze: 2,320,000
    Mana Orb: 1,150,000
    Forgotten One: 663,000 each (3,315,000 total for 5)

    Since ooze spawns occur every 75 seconds, and the berserk is 600 seconds, we can calculate the total Raid DPS required by totaling the average percent of damage we'll need to deal to adds every 75 seconds and to the boss in total over 600 seconds:

    (((((4/6)*1.15)+((5/6)*3.315))+2.32)/75+47.24/600)*1000000 = 156,722 RDPS

    Now, this doesn't take into account lost DPS from traveling between Yor'sahj and a particular ooze spawn, which takes about 10 seconds out of every 75 second spawn. There are of course DoTs ticking on Yor'sahj, but that's a minimal amount, and also damage can be dealt to Forgotten One adds during this travel time, especially with heavy melee/DoT classes, so to account for that, we'll assume 7 seconds of lost DPS time out of every 75 for travel. Since the first Ooze spawn is delayed into the fight slightly, we actually only get 7 total spawns before Berserk, or a total time loss of ~49 seconds, so lowering the actual time to berserk by 49 seconds gives us a more accurate RDPS requirement of:

    163,723 RDPS

    Looking at our first Yor'sahj kill, we were at around 203,000 RDPS with 2 healers and 1 tank. Assuming that same setup works in Heroic, and given actual Raid DPS will be higher on heroic due to more targets for AE damage, we shouldn't have any trouble beating the DPS requirement. While it will cut things much closer, if needed we can also possibly afford to lose Dougall as a DPS and go with a 3-heal setup, dropping us to around 175,500 RDPS before extra AoE is counted. Not ideal, but might be possible if incoming damage is too severe on Heroic in our gear levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansum View Post
    So thats the reason fire nova was not hitting any of them.
    omg all those wasted cleaves and whirlwinds! I call shenengans though because they didn't pop an "IMMUNE" like I would expect!
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    Notes for Heroic: Morchok:

    Trying to devise the best tactic for us, I've been digging into some logs for this fight to get an idea of the incoming damage we'll be taking, as how we position and heal will be the biggest factor.

    This query gives us some good info:

    Minimum time between Resonating Crystal explosion: 13.5 seconds
    Minimum time between Stomps (from one boss): 12 seconds
    Minimum time between appropriate Stomp and Crystal Explosion: 6 seconds
    Damage of "Safe"-buffed Crystal explosion: 83000 damage
    Total Crystal damage per set: 83000 * 3 = 249000 damage
    Incoming Burst DPS from Crystal: 249000 / 13.5 seconds = 18444 DPS

    This query also gives us a bit more info about stomp damage:

    Average total Stomp damage (from one boss): 390000 damage
    Incoming Burst DPS from Stomp (one boss): 390000 / 12 = 32500 DPS

    This shows the number of ability casts between phases:

    Total Stomps per combat phase: 4 Stomps
    Total Crystal explosions per combat phase: 3 Crystals

    This query gives info about phase timing and incoming tank damage:

    Combat phase duration: 75 seconds
    Black blood phase duration: 25 seconds
    Average incoming combat phase DPS on tank: ~11150 DPS

    Therefore, final values we can extrapolate are:

    Total incoming Raid DPS for combat phase: 18444 + 32500 + 11150 = 62094 Incoming COMBAT-PHASE BURST DPS (per boss)

    And if we use the number of Stomp and Crystals per phase we can figure out the average or sustained Incoming DPS:

    (390000 * 4 + 249000 * 3) / 75 + 11150 = 41910 Incoming COMBAT-PHASE DPS (per boss)

    Lastly, adding in the Black Blood phase damage of about 180,000 total every 100 seconds (1800 DPS), and average the DPS over the course of the entire 100 second phase duration, we get the actual fight duration sustained DPS:

    (41910 + 1800 / 2) * 75 / 100 = 32107.5 Incoming SUSTAINED DPS (per boss)

    This then begs the question: Can we actually split the raid into two groups of five and keep everyone alive with two healers? I frankly have no idea what my sustained HPS is if in a situation like this where overheal is nearly irrelevant. However, I think 41,910 HPS sounds extremely high. I also don't think Kain nor myself have ever finished a fight with 32,107 HPS that didn't have bonus healing mechanics of some sort. I'd still like to give it a shot with groups split apart and using 1 healer on each just to see, although I don't think my calculations are incorrect and thus it may prove near impossible with our current gear.

    Long story short, I think I've got a more stable strategy that will allow us to utilize 3 healers effectively without forcing one group or side to be underhealed and the other overhealed.

    Sorry about the size and the fact it's in Firelands -- the important parts are the positions and distances. Since Stomp has a 25 range, if we position properly, we should be able to fairly easily cross heal tanks and others that are out of ranged of Morchok's stomp and are attacked Kohcrom. Using the above rough diagram:

    Before pull, we measure out and put two markers (Orange Circle and Red X from above) about 38 yards apart. These are the two tank and melee soaker positions, which should be kept static so heals can be crossed between the two but with bosses on the opposite sides, the Stomp range won't cross over.

    Group 1 on Morchok - Left Side
    Bauser + Kain: Stacked on Orange Circle; Kain focuses solely on tank healing with Beacon on Holycow and should never need to move for combat phase.
    Dougall: Just a bit further away from Morchok than the tank/soaker - focuses healing on Group 1 non-tanks with crossover heals to Group 2 when possible.
    Kilwenn, Dude, and Dougall: Group 1 Crystal Soakers -- when required, move close enough to Morchok crystal spawns to get "Safe" buff. Once it expires, move back to "inside" of Morchok, ensuring not to be closer than Bauser + Kain soak team.

    Group 2 on Kohcrom - Right Side
    Holycow + Ansum: Stacked on Orange Circle; Ansum must attack from the front to ensure he's in cross heal range while remaining closer to Kohcrom than anyone else.
    Kulldon: Just a bit further away from Kohcrom than the tank/soaker - focuses healing on Group 1 non-tanks with crossover heals to Group 2 when possible.
    Harkle, Galethorn, and Kulldon: Group 2 Crystal Soakers -- when required, move close enough to Kohcrom crystal spawns to get "Safe" buff. Once it expires, move back to "inside" of Kohcrom, ensuring not to be closer than Holycow + Ansum soak team.

    Since Kain has high armor and very strong tank healing abilities, this should allow Doug and I to almost solely focus on raid healing duties, and due to the within-40-yard positions, we can utilize crossover healing whenever possible. The only possible issue is when a Crystal spawns "in between" the two positions, such that soakers might be forced to be within 25 yards of the opposite boss and eat a second stomp. However, this should be rare enough that we can use raid cooldowns to survive the damage (either mitigating the Crystal explosion or the Stomp if they occur near each other).

    Lastly I should also add that I realize I have a melee (Dude) setup to be a Crystal soaker, which may often mean he must run out of melee range to be safe (unless he can remain far enough to only take "Warning" damage, whatever that is, and still be healed up in time for the Stomp). My initial thinking here was that allowing Kain to remain stationary and not worry about crystals is important for survival of the tanks, since if he were crystal soaking, he'd be forced to the far side sometimes and be out of heal range of Holycow. However, if damage is low enough for those situations and Beacon healing is enough until he can get back in direct range, then we may be able to allow Dude to be the Morchok soaker with Bauser so he can attack full-time similar to Ansum. We'll see I guess.
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