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    Default Profession Perks & Garrison Benefits

    8/5/14 Updates

    Finally! Professions no longer offer combat-related perks in WoD. With the coming expansion, professions have been revamped to offer vanity items and in some cases gear rather than raw stat benefits. We can now pick what we enjoy doing most, rather than what provides the highest stats! Another new addition, Garrisons, will tie-in closely with your professions to offer cool little perks. I will be completely revamping this thread to list profession-specific items, and also Garrison perks for said professions. WoD is still very much in beta, so there are quite a few things that have yet to be added. Until after launch, this post should be considered under construction.

    - Tree, the amazing author and Moonfire extraordinaire.

    Personal perks, only available with the profession;
    Below is a list of benefits you gain from each profession in Warlords of Draenor. All items listed are either BOP or require certain skill levels within the profession to use. Only perks that are still relevant at max-level are included on this list; other perks still exist (such as Cataclysm flask cauldrons through Alchemy), but will not be used by level 100 players... hence their exclusion. At the bottom of each profession section, you will also see the benefit gained from choosing the related Garrison Building. Garrison perks only apply if you have the profession related to the Building.


    Garrison Building: Alchemy Lab


    Garrison Building: The Forge
    • (?)


    Garrison Building: Enchanter's Study


    Garrison Building: Engineering Works

    Garrison Building: Fishing Shack

    • Lifeblood - Heals for 14-16k and averages to 480 haste if used every CD.
      • Is not affected by the GCD, but shares a cooldown with on-use trinkets.
      • The heal can crit.
    • Lifegiving Seed
      • Turns the herbalist into a random herb model and applies a stunned state (cannot move). The herbalist is still targetable and name plates will still show.
      • Also applies two 30 second buffs while in disguise: Nourishment (health) and Nourishment (mana). Both tick once per second.

    Garrison Building: Herb Garden

    • BOP shoulder enchants - Net gain compared to BOE shoulder enchants;
      • 320 Agi, 320 Int, 320 spi, 450 Sta, 320 Str

    Garrison Building: Scribe's Quarters

    • BOP Gems - Can equip 2 total, not unique, not prismatic. The below values show the net gain of 2 Jeweler's gems vs. 2 rare-quality gems of the same type.
      • Primary stats: 320 Agi, 320 Int, 480 Sta, 320 Str
      • Secondary stats: 320 crit, 320 dodge, 320 expertise, 320 haste, 320 hit, 320 mastery, 320 parry, 320 spi

    Garrison Building: Gem Boutique


    Garrison Building: The Tannery


    Garrison Building: Frostwall Mines


    Garrison Building: The Tannery

    • BOP Leg threads - Same stats as "normal" leg threads, but the material cost is greatly reduced
    • BOP Cloak Enchants - These do not stack with other cloak enchants, but do stack with Engineering parachutes.

    Garrison Building: Tailoring Emporium
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    Yay my favorite Tree post is coming to Vox!

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    Updates listed at the top of the original thread.
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