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    Exclamation MoP Updated Addons

    Going to list the popular, new, and interesting addons currently updated for mop. -- If there's an addon you're watching for an updated version of, or need an alternative, tell me and I'll keep my eyes open. These are just ones I know people will want. -- NOT ALL ARE TESTED

    BETTER Resources than this list (All thanks to WoWI!)
    • WoWInterface Beta Addon Guide: (basically, this list I'm making, but better, listing tons of addons, if they're updated, and alternatives if they're not)
    • WoWInterface's MoP Beta category:
    For people looking to fix their own addons:
    New Things:
    Brewmaster Tao (tracks the stagger debuff)
    Renewing Mists Watcher (helps you track renewing mists)
    Useful Substitutions (for things not up to date)
    bBars (use dominos now IMO)
    Updated Things:
    ACP (fixes the sort by dependencies option)
    Bind Pad
    NugRunning (timers!)
    Recount (they're trying, but some of the libraries it uses still aren't quite up to snuff)
    TidyPlates (nameplates. DOWNLOAD IN THE DESCRIPTION) -- OFFICIAL VERSION NOW AVAILABLE (I haven't tested it yet)
    TipTop (tooltips!)
    Weak Auras Github for the latest build for Weak Auras. (no guarantee it'll be stable)

    You probably want to comment out or delete these lines:
    World of Warcraft Beta\Interface\AddOns\WeakAuras\WeakAuras.lua (2 hits)
    Line 1923: print("Your have entered an instance whose difficulty could not be correctly understood by WeakAuras. Please report this as a bug.");
    Line 1931: print("Your have entered an instance whose difficulty could not be correctly understood by WeakAuras. Please report this as a bug.");
    Functional things that aren't updated:
    OmniCC: (Config doesn't work)

    Quote Originally Posted by CHANGELOG
    July 5: added official updates for Grid and Skada
    July 8: Dominoes Official added. Added Go-Hero link
    July 9: Belated Pawn update.
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    AAAAAaaaaaaaaaand bartender trolls me by releasing an update... For 4.3.4... Months after it's release... Not 5.0... WTF
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    With 5.0 around the corner, it would be a wise idea to create copies of your Interface and WTF folders. I also generally write down/SS any settings I have that may or may not be fucked, along with SSing every addon's position.

    On a side note, I'd like some recommendations for DoT timers that are actively updated and fairly customizable (colors, font, etc). I run Forte for off-target timers, and it's amazing. But I need something for my current target. The timers I currently use are uber broken on beta... the author doesn't play anymore, so I don't anticipate any updates.

    Does anyone have experience with NugRunning?
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