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Thread: Deph's New Mouse (Logitech G600)

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    I was able to resolve the issue just a few minutes ago. It turns out that you MUST have the G-Shift function bound to something on the mouse before the software will allow an alternate bind for the orginal key. The function of G-Shift has been bound to G7 and it now allows my Ctrl mapping to function properly. I feel like this should have been more obvious to me as proud as they are of the G-Shift feature, but... we all have our moments. : )

    On a side note, I was in touch with Logitech support and they suggested setting up a "Multi key" with only a Ctrl down command in the macro. It's fortunate that I was able to bind properly, but that could be food for thought concerning possible future configurations.

    I'm sorry to have taken up as much of your time as I have. And again, thank you. If you ever find yourself lost on Ner'zhul, be sure to look me up!



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    Oh! -- That makes sense, I guess... Odd that I didn't run into that problem myself, I don't have G-shift bound anywhere. -- And never did.

    Actually no, I may have been messing around with moving it to my G13 at that time, which may explain how I managed it.

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