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Thread: Deph's favorite leveling addons.

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    Default Favorite leveling addons.

    Before MoP I thought I'd give you guys a quick rundown of my favorite leveling addons. Hopefully these can help you as much as they have me!

    Anybody else have any suggestions?

    kAutoQuest: Hopefully we all know about this amazing addon. More info on it in Kull's post here.

    Pawn: kAutoQuest users will want this anyway, but for everybody else, having an idiots guide to how much of an upgrade something may be is handy for helping you decide if you should equip that quest item you just got.

    OneChoice: Not so useful in MoP content, nor anybody running kAutoQuest, but this addon "reds out" any items you wouldn't WANT to use in addition to items you CAN'T use (i.e. cloth/leather/mail for plate users) shows what item is the most valuable, and how much of an item level difference each peice of quest reward gear is. -- Makes picking your quest reward fast and easy. (Or you can let the previous two addons automatically do it for you, FTW)

    Qbar: Gives you an "action bar" that automatically generates, filling with any on-use quest items in your bags. You can bind a single key, which will be used for the most recent (or most recently clicked) item on the bar. I only really use this addon when SERIOUSLY leveling. For Dailies and casual leveling I use Opie.

    Opie: A multifunction "ring" menu addon, which I won't attempt to go into detail on here, except to say that one ring is for quest items.

    Baggins: is my, personal, inventory addon of choice. Any addon that autosorts your inventory can save you valuable time!

    XToLevel: Tells you how many kills/dungeons/hours remaining until you level, based on your recent gains.

    Carbonite/QuestHelperLite: Both of these addons tell you where you should (probably?) go. With a nice mindless arrow.
    QuestHelperLite uses default Blizz quest info and attempts to optimize your route so you do less running.
    Carbonite is a massive, highly customizable monstrosity of a map replacement addon that I love. (but that I will actually be DISABLING to level) It doesn't only rely on the Blizzard data to tell you where to go, so is more accurate. (but won't have MoP data, so will be relying on Blizz' info for 85-90 sadface) Carbonite only points you mindlessly to the nearest quest.

    CrowBar: Makes a button appear on your screen that opens containers in your bags (gifts, boxes, chests, clams, etc) whenever you have something that needs opening. Supposedly inactive, yet up to date for 5.0.4 and running fine for me currently.

    AMFG LazyAbandon: Adds buttons to batch abandon quests in your quest log. "All" "Gray" and "Incomplete" -- Once again, not amazing for the 85-90 grind, but handy as hell otherwise.

    Jobs'a'goodn: "Jobs Done!" when you finish an objective, and "Work Complete!" when you complete a quest. (doesn't use the master sound channel by default, I had to edit mine)

    Multishot: Optionally takes screenshots when you ding. (and/or Kill Bosses, "ding" with rep factions, and get achievements)
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