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    DBM-Vox-Mogu'shan Vaults is a DBM module to (at present) handle Tank swap information for The Stone Guard encounter.


    Unzip the DBM-Vox-MogushanVaults folder into your Addons folder as normal. You also must install the "DBM-Core" addon folder as well (though non-DBM users can elect not to install any of the other normal DBM module folders if so desired).

    Who Needs to Install

    Deph and Logatto primarily at this time.


    As with any DBM module, open DBM config with "/dbm", and select the Vox - Mogu'shan Vaults module. Click "Load" if you haven't triggered it to auto-load, then select the Vox - The Stone Guard encounter. There are currently five options you will want to change, the rest should be ignored. These configuration options are:

    Only display warnings if you are an active tank. -- This will cause tank-specific messages (e.g. Tank A taunt Amethyst Guardian) to only show if you are the appropriate tank required to take an action during the encounter. Some messages that are not directed toward a particular tank will still display even with this option set.
    Output messages to DBM timer bar. -- Creates a DBM timer bar, appearing just like any other DBM timer bar, to indicate the appropriate tank/target selection. The timer is set to a starting duration of 8 seconds, which forces it to appear in the "Huge Bar" section of DBM right away, and thus be more noticeable. As usual, check your default DBM Bar settings if you want to alter the size or location of said bars.
    Output messages to main chat box. -- Check this if you want the tank/target selection to be output to the main chat box.
    Output messages to DBM warning text. -- Creates a DBM warning popup (usually blue text near the middle of your screen by default) with the tank/target selection message. Again, change the DBM Special Warning settings to alter the look of these (I highly suggest a better large-size font such as DorisPP and a new color, but that's just me).
    Play "taunt" sound file when message is output. -- As it says, plays a taunt warning sound file when a message appears. Note: This is in addition to any default "Warning" sound you may have specified in DBM's default options.

    Caveat: Since these messages were meant to be dynamic, whereas the text in normal DBM timers/warnings are normally static and defined when the addon is created, I was unable to specify "default" names or text for the timer bars and warnings. This causes the options window to show an empty "bar" section and an Announce of "%s" by default. Just ignore these and do not uncheck anything in the Bars or Announces options.


    The Stone Guard module should perform everything automatically and indicate what tank should taunt what target, if any, when appropriate, to yield the best energy management result. This is done by finding the two best Guardians to be paired together during Petrification, and then performing logic to determine when and if they should be grouped up. The logic for doing so is as follows:

    1. On Initial Pull

    Once a Petrification is cast by a Guardian, if no Overload has been cast yet, this indicates this is the first Petrification after the pull and special logic is used:

    If the Petrifying Guardian is solo (not stacked and thus not gaining energy) on Tank B, the matching pair of Guardians to be grouped will be the Petrifying Guardian and the highest energy of the grouped pair (currently on Tank A), informing the solo-tank (Tank B) to taunt that highest-energy Guardian. A secondary logic check is then made 9 seconds prior to when the non-Petrifying Guardian is going to be full energy, at which point the Petrifying Guardian will be taunted back to the original pairing tank of Tank A.

    If the Petrifying Guardian is grouped on the pull on Tank A, the matching pair of Guardians to be grouped will be those two already on Tank A, and thus no change will occur. However again, 9 seconds prior to the non-Petrifying Guardian on Tank A reaching full energy, a secondary check will occur, informing Tank B to taunt the Petrifying Guardian to finish the Overload process.

    Note: This logic was a late addition and did not get proper testing in LFR because it is extremely difficult to find groups that do the fight "properly" in LFR.

    2. Mid-Fight Logic

    Aside from the initial pull, the normal logic is fairly simple. Upon Petrification, the best Guardian pair is determined of the Petrifying Guardian and the lowest energy other Guardian, and a message will inform which tank is to taunt which target to make that happen. 95% of all swaps should fall into this category, just like when were did it "manually."

    3. Energy Mismatch

    If it is not the special case "initial pull" scenario, and yet somehow the energy levels are unbalanced such that the energy for the Petrifying Guardian is lower than either of the other two Guardians, the addon will attempt to correct this issue by performing a pair of timely swaps to try to evenly distribute the "pairing energy" gains between the two non-Petrifying Guardians so the Petrifying Guardian can cap out first. Therefore, the initial pair will be the Petrifying Guardian and the lowest energy Guardian besides. 7 seconds prior to the non-Petrifying Guardian reaching max energy, a secondary check will occur, which will then inform the Petrifying Guardian to be taunted back to the previous tank, where hopefully the Petrifying Guardian will be the higher of the two energy levels.\

    4. 3-Tanks

    In some rare instances (usually on the initial pull), it is possible that 3 unique tanks will be detected, if a DPS has temporarily agro on a Guardian accidentally. In this case, since it's difficult to detect who is the "real" tank and who is the DPS on the fly, the pairing logic is simply halted and run again 2 seconds later, repeating until only 2 tanks are detected then the process continues normally.

    This of course cannot handle every situation, but given our starting strategy, this should rarely (if ever) occur in the first place.
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    Update: Added new Usage scenario (3-tank detection) and fixed a few bugs.

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