Beta release of the kEPGP addon is now available for download:
kEPGP requires the kLib library:

This addon is only meant for Loot Managers such as Tree, myself, or whomever else might become that role in the future.

Basic Functionality

/kepgp (or /kep for short) will display the slash commands.

/kep config opens the configuration where Effort Points contains a few basic settings. Most of them should default to our standard settings, but one setting worth noting is Punctual Cutoff Seconds which by default gives players a 15 second window after the start of a raid to be online to receive the Punctual EP bonus. We can change this as needed of course, but the idea is to catch everyone that is online at the start of the raid more or less.

/kep raid start is the primary command and performs the following basic tasks:

If no Raid is active:

1. A Raid record is created and sets the Raid Start Time to the current timestamp.
2. Scans all online characters and matches them up to all Primary characters in the EPGP system.
3. All characters that are online on either their Primary character or an associated Alternate character are awarded both Online EP and Punctual EP.
4. Appropriate values are updated in the Officer Note for the Primary character is question.

If an existing Raid is already active:

1. A prompt will ask the user if he or she wishes to Resume the current Raid or created a New Raid.
2. Resume does nothing and the currently active Raid remains active.
3. New Raid deactivates the currently active Raid and then performs all the basic functions as listed above for creating a brand new Raid.

/kep raid stop will set the currently active Raid to inactive. This prevents any future events from updating the Raid and therefore EPGP values.

/kep raid revert will revert all EP changes made during the currently active Raid (essentially subtracting all assigned EP bonuses). This provides some peace of mind in case a raid start is performed accidentally.

While a Raid is active:

1. Any Guild Member that logs in during the Tardiness Cutoff Period (60 minutes from the start of the Raid) will be automatically tracked.
2. If appropriate and the Guild Member has not been online yet during the Raid, kEPGP will automatically award the correct Online EP bonus to the individual based on the percent of the Tardiness Cutoff Period he or she missed.
3. Future logins/logouts during the same Raid will not alter data for any given individual.

Typical Use

For the most part, usage should consist of two actions for an entire raid night:

1. At the start of raid time (6:30 or whatever it may be), issue the /kep raid start command.
2. At the end of the raid (or anytime after the Tardiness Cutoff Period), issue a /kep raid stop command.

Technically, using /kep raid stop isn't even necessary as the next time a raid is started, the user can simply select the New Raid option.

Outside of any bugs, the functionality should be sufficient to start testing EPGP in raids. Beyond that, I always welcome suggestions or improvements so don't be shy!