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Thread: Free 7-Day Game Time [Real Thread - Not Spam!]

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    Default Free 7-Day Game Time [Real Thread - Not Spam!]

    Apparently it is only good for accounts that are active, whether that is intended or not. Elvine posted about it on Facebook which is where I found the link. It just adds 7 days of game time to your selected account (assuming you have more than 1 account linked to your

    For further proof my account didn't get hacked:

    I'm bad at the dispelling and Klik is bad with any sort of angles.

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    I didn't get the email, yet I could still click on the link in the emails sent to other players - log on and select the account I wanted and had the gametime added.

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    > Apparently it is only good for accounts that are active

    Not true. I have 2 old accounts that have been frozen for some time, both are now on free 7 day trials.

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    Good to know!

    I added the 'apparently' part mostly because from the comments and because of what Elvine said. I had not verified so I just used that information from those sources.

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    I tried it and it didn't change my renew date, so I assume it didn't do anything.

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    Oh; lame :/

    I guess all you can do is wait for your current term to expire and see if 7-days pass before the auto-renew. I dunno

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