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Thread: WoD Garrison and Profession Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikrum View Post

    I learned the sumptous fur = cloth for this expansion. Whoops.
    Sumptuous fur = Taka's chest hair <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bauser View Post
    Sumptuous fur = Taka's chest hair <3
    Without question the hottest commodity around.

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    Thanks Taka! This is amazing! Absolutely the most in depth guide out there. Only downside is now I HAVE to optimize my followes' ability distribution and there's just so much rng involved =(

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    PSA: I just stumbled into something that is going to greatly speed up my barn trapping for the week so I thought I would share. Perhaps people already figured this out on their own but I had never considered it or seen it discussed previously. Due to the change to Trap CDs a specific trap lasts 30 seconds on a 15 second CD. This means that you can actually have 2 traps up for a 15 second window at any time if you're using the item on CD. Both traps can trigger and count independently so as long as you don't move you can easily produce 2 trapped animals from a single kill. I don't think this can be increased to 3 due to the trap arming time, but I didn't experiment with it.

    Happy bloodletting.

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    Harrison Jones is a must have for people that are power-leveling a new High Stamina follower each week! (plus obvious other advantages)

    Found this:

    "While the tooltip on Mentor is not very clear, what it does is give his level and item level to other followers in the same mission.

    What this means is that you can send Dr Jones and two 90s on a level 100 mission. The two 90s will act like they are level 100, so their abilities and traits will actually be used to counter the challenges in the mission. Similarly, they will receive the full amount of XP from the mission, instead of the 10% for being red to the mission. For missions with 10-15k bonus XP, this will powerlevel a lower-level follower.

    When I acquired Harrison as a follower, I only has one non-100 on which to test this, a level 97. I sent Harrison and the 97 (plus someone to counter the third ability) on a mission that gave 8-10k bonus XP. The 97 returned and dinged 100 off the bonus."

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    Through the use of Harrison Jones's Mentor Ability and a few Mission Completion Orders (you get those from a Spirit Lodge) I was able to level a newly recruited Treasure Hunter to level 100 in 2-3 minutes. Absolutely insane.

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