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    Default Klik's Warlords Beta Coverage

    Warlords is upon us! Below are guides to dungeons & some raid encounters, as well as full length footage of beta raid testing. Remember, fights sometimes change between beta and live; that's the reason we have beta testing! So the dungeons may be slightly different to what you see presented in the guides, and the raid "guides" are more previews than true guides. Additionally, this is my first time doing guides, so do not expect Gabestah quality!

    Dungeon Guides 8/8 Heroic
    Highmaul "Guides" 4/7 Heroic
    Highmaul Full Testing Footage, with Mumble 7/7 Heroic, 2/7 Mythic
    Blackrock Foundry "Guides" 5/10 Heroic
    Blackrock Foundry Full Testing Footage, with Mumble 8/10 Heroic, 1/10 Mythic

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