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Thread: Highmaul Strategy Notepod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post

    Additionally, the boss himself uses a very dangerous ability called Necrotic Breath on the tank (and anyone in front, so watch the facing) that deals ~50k nature damage per second and most importantly, reduces healing on the tank during that 5-second period by 99%. Tanks and Healers: This means absorb effects should be cast in the 2-second CAST TIME before the breath hits, and otherwise cooldowns should be used on the tank to mitigate damage.
    I assume this targets the current threat target, so immunity granting effects like Divine Shield or Hand of Protection which take you off the threat table would just cause the boss to turn and spew all over the raid. If it instead fixates on that tank, that seems like something worth taking advantage of.

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    Thought this was really neat for Kargath:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesaru View Post
    Thought this was really neat for Kargath:
    I saw this earlier. It's worth noting the room is oval shaped, not circular as this image suggests.

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    The Internet lied to me!

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    Added the last two bosses to the initial post: Ko'ragh and Imperator Mar'gok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    Effectively this means that the only "advantage" a particular individual could gain while standing in the Caustic Energy is if he or she received more incoming healing which I don't know if any classes/specs have innately any longer(?).
    Warlocks still have Blood Pact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggyb View Post
    Warlocks still have Blood Pact.
    Sweet, good call.

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    Notes for Heroic: Imperator Mar'gok:

    I already have a slight strategy alteration to the proposed methods in the first post.


    First, after looking at footage more carefully, it seems that the Warmage spawns do not in fact need to be tanked by a standard tank at all. While they do Fixate for 15 seconds as originally noted, they seem to just chain cast said Fixate on one player after another.

    This means that we can appropriately split up ALL add types in both intermissions. Rather than having one tank gather all the Anomalies on top of one of the Warmages, we can simply have DPS focus on a single Warmage initially while one of the tanks picks up and holds all Anomalies far away from the raid.

    Furthermore, because the Anomalies have fairly low health, we likely can allow only the tank and maybe another DPS or two to properly deal with all those adds during the Intermissions, leaving the majority of DPS to deal with Warmages.

    For Intermission #2 in particular, we also want to ensure that the Warmages and Reaver are not near one another, but all three spawn from the same doorway. Because the Aura the Warmages use is 25 yards AND because the Reaver has a knockback plus threat drop, we ideally want to move the Warmage kill target away from the wall and the original spawn point so we can keep the Reaver back there instead.

    Moving Warmages may be possible with interrupts or silences, but they can also be Death Gripped which should virtually always be available, so that's likely our best bet.

    Lastly, it seems that while [e]Kick to the Face[e] is a full threat drop, there is nothing preventing an instant re-taunt by the previous Reaver tank when that occurs. I've created a simple but effective WeakAura for tanks that indicates when Kick to the Face is used on the player to trigger a quick re-taunt reaction. It uses one of the custom WeakAura sounds (for those that have them installed still):

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    Notes for Heroic: Kargath Bladefist:

    Instead of sending 4 DPS + 1 healer, I think we'll be safer using a "standard" group for the Chain Hurl group of 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 DPS. Melee continue to be ideal DPS I believe, due to their high movement, strong AE DPS burst, and because the frequent Berserker Rush on the ground from the boss may hinder melee positioning somewhat (though that's just a guess).

    I can confirm that the Highmaul Sweeper spawns exactly 60 seconds after the boss begins to cast Chain Hurl, which means players up top get ~55-65 seconds before they are pushed back down into the arena (depending on distance they are standing from the Sweeper spawn location).

    Since the top group is limited in time, I think trying to maximize the potential to pull quickly up top is critical, so in addition to using melee, I think DKs using AE Death Grip may be quite useful. The initial Chain Hurl group assignment is as follows:

    No code has to be inserted here.

    I'm likely not the best healer for that role, but I'd like to get up there early on just to see things in action, after which time we can swap out to a stronger healer in that role if needed.

    Otherwise, DK death grips to pull in extra mobs along with strong AE burst from DKs, Bladestorm, and Monk spinning crap should be solid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    During the 20-second recharge period while Ko'ragh is in the middle, the first player only to set foot into the center with Ko'ragh will gain Nullification Barrier for him or herself but will also suffer from heavy damage per second (and reduced incoming healing) from Caustic Energy. Caustic Energy deals 45k per second and reduces healing by 35% for Heroic. Perhaps most critically, damage from Caustic Energy IS NOT reduced by immunities or damage reduction cooldowns.
    I guess it depends on how your define Priest shields. But I assume PW:S & Clarity of Will make no difference on the damage to the player? I wouldn't classify either as real immunities or damage reduction is the reason I ask.

    -edit- Changed the portion of the quote from Kull as I had inadvertently quoted the part about Overflowing Energy instead of what I meant to quote -- Caustic Energy)
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