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    Default Remote Garrison VNC Guide

    No good commander let's his followers become lazy peons. This guide walks you through the setup of TeamViewer for the purpose of ensuring your followers experience Karōshi.

    VNC Overview

    VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is simply a way of accessing and using a computer remotely. Not too long ago, a VNC setup was quite complicated and usually required a corporate IT branch to keep things running smoothly. Lucky for us, things have advanced pretty drastically. New services have made it super simple to access your home computer from your phone or tablet. Some of these can be quite expensive ($20 for one of the best, Screens for iOS), but TeamViewer is one very high quality service that's free for home use.

    I am doing this from the perspective of a Mac and iOS user, however nothing should drastically change for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.

    Setting Up Your Computer

    1. Visit and click the Web Login link towards the top of the page.
    2. Click the green "Sign Up" button on the bottom left.
    3. Fill out the short form to register, then verify your email.
    4. Go ahead and sign in after clicking the link they sent you.
    5. On the top right, click "Add"> "Add Computer".
    6. Select "Default TeamViewer Host" from the dropdown menu and click "Download Now".
    7. Complete the installation and launch the app if it doesn't launch automatically.
    8. You're presented with a simple window that informs you of your TeamViewer ID. Ignore this and click the settings button just above it.
    9. Click "assign to account..." towards the bottom of the setting page and sign in with the credentials you made earlier. That's it!

    Setting up your Phone

    Here's where it might be a little different if you're on Android, but it should be pretty similar.
    1. Head to your platform's app store and download TeamViewer: Remote Control.[iOS/Android]
    2. Launch the app and navigate to the Computers tab, and sign in.
    3. You should see a group called "My computers", click it, and you'll see the computer you just added
    4. Tap your computer, enter your password, and watch the app work it's magic!

    The Good Stuff

    Once you've got that all set up, getting your follower missions done is super easy! Here are some pointers:
    • The TeamViewer app works like a track pad, NOT a touchscreen for your pc. Drag your finger around to move the mouse, tap to click where the mouse is, and hold to right click where the mouse is.
    • If you log on and you're not at your garrison, no worries! Open the keyboard in the app and tap B to open your bags, then it should be pretty simple to use your hearthstone. Once you're in your garrison, you'll already be facing the mission table and right clicking it is cake.
    • Highly recommend you download the Wowhead's garrison timer addon. Pair it with the smartphone app [iOS/Android] and your phone will notify you when your followers think they're done for the day. Get them back to work before they grow to be spoiled.
    • I also highly recommend you download Garrison Mission Manager and Master Plan. These apps make putting together the optimal team for your missions a one-click affair, making our remote setup that much easier to use. They also add a ton of other useful information, but that's for another guide entirely.
    • Definitely check out my guildie, Takaoni's Guide to Garrisons and Professions in WoD. Whether you're still a bit confused of how the system works or you want to min/max and put together the most statistically perfect team of followers to conquer every Highmaul Raid that comes your way, this is the best guide on the topic I've seen on the Internet, and I've seen a lot of them!

    I have screenshots of the whole process that I plan to upload somewhere tonight to make a slideshow version of this guide. Also, I'm eager to hear any questions or suggestions y'all may have!

    True, this guide might make your WoW addiction that much more obvious to your friends and family, but they don't see the sweet, sweet follower xp and big, heavy crates of salvage that are now flowing 24/7 through your enterprising Draenor encampment. They would probably make bad commanders anyways.

    Edit: Since this post seems to be getting decent attention, I'm gonna shamelessly plug the fact that our very awesome guild is currently recruiting for two DPS spots on our Mythic team. Vox Immortals is currently 7/7H and 1/7M, and has achieved every single Heroic raid/achievement since 2008. Plus, the community you'll find here couldn't be tighter! For more info, check out our Recruitment Info page.
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    This is a fantastic write up Nes. Thanks a lot for the effort!

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    Thanks Vik!

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    Nes - Scrolling down the wow subreddit at work and coming upon this link coincidentally made my day.

    Edit: Yes that means I was on reddit before our forums don't hate me :/
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    Thanks for the upvote Aerro And Zul there's no shame in being a redditor! *high five*

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    wow, 14,000 views...........

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    Woo! Thanks Nes! I can't wait to give this a shot when work resumes in Jan

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