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Thread: There's a 180 for you

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    Default There's a 180 for you

    Flying is back.

    I'm not sure it's as big of a deal, either way, as it's seemed on most forums, but whatever.

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    If Blizzard didn't see it as a big deal (e.g. massive spike in unsubs after the no-flying announcement), they wouldn't have reversed course. This is a company that uses content releases as counter programming to other company's actions at the expense of their own player base. (e.g. Holding DS till SW:TOR and releasing 6.2 the same day as the FFXIV expansion when BRF still has life. Admittedly, they desperately need non-raid content)

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    I never thought it was a huge deal with all the flight paths available either. But I like have to at least put some time in to earn it.

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    It sucks that they couldn't stick to their guns on this one. I liked flying, but using the flight paths really wasn't that bad, they carefully considered and planned Draenor to be a non-flying zone. It's a shame that all that extra work will go to waste.

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    Blizzard did not design Draenor to be no-flying. They fully textured things they would have skipped otherwise (as you can see with Aviana's Feather) and the zones were an absolute pain in the ass to get around. (I'm looking at you Spires and Nagrand)

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    Well, they gave us the flying feather, so I guess they designed it for flying to some extent anyway.

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    After reading angry posts for many months now unhappy due to no flying I am starting to get annoyed when I mount up in draenor after being in flying zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uluuru View Post
    After reading angry posts for many months now unhappy due to no flying I am starting to get annoyed when I mount up in draenor after being in flying zones.
    I went back to mainland for the first time this xpac to level my warlock, I pressed space to jump as I often do while traveling and started flying. I immediately thought to myself omg what is happening why am I floating above the world?

    That being said I'm glad it's back so I can use all my collected flying mounts in current content

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    Honestly, I liked the model where we got to fly at max level. Given my current level of passion/whatever for the outdoor world in WoD, I won't be doing these achieves for flying. I hate questing/achieve hunting/whatever, to the point it's very likely too much to be worth the small convince.

    I'm a special snowflake though. I think most people like quests/achieves more than I do, and view flying as more important than the minor convienience I see it as.
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    If you don't do quests or achievements, there really isn't any point of having flying. You can typically get to raids well enough without it.

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