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Thread: Mythic/Heroic Historical Raiding Timelines & Availability

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    Seriously Kull. Do you share these on MMO or WoW forums. The amount of effort you put in to analysis, your thoughts, and this game in general is pretty awesome. Taka is a casual.

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    With the upcoming expansion announcement, figured I'd look into historical timespan between expansion announcement and release, so I updated the original spreadsheet above and added a new chart:

    Now granted we've never had so few raid tiers, so it's a good guess I'd say that all the effort that (probably) went into the third raid tier content for Warlords of Draenor was just moved to the next expansion cycle instead.

    Regardless, the shortest time between announcement and actual release was 340 days for MoP, soooooo, good luck Blizz! ><

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    Good! That's plenty of time for me to continue the trend and end up hating the raid we were doing. I didn't have enough time in BRF to officially hate it. It will be refreshing to hate once again.

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