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Thread: What addons do you use?

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    Default What addons do you use?

    Everyone has those addons that they simply can't play without. Or even addons that you think have little niche uses.

    I've been using ElvUI for far too long, and it's become bland. I'm interested in what other people use as I'd like to swap it up for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifebloom View Post
    What addons do you use?
    So many... far too many probably, but here are the important (and perhaps non-obvious) addons I use. I bolded the ones I'd consider must-haves for a brand new UI, then building out missing components by filling the gaps after that:

    Auctionator - I rarely do crazy auctioning stuff, so TSM is too heavy so this one works well for my simple needs.

    Bazooka - Slim and simple data broker addon after FuBar wasn't being updated.

    BugSack - Must have; a random addon error popping up during combat es no bueno.

    Clique - Long time companion to Grid to cover all my healing/targeted cast needs.

    CT_Core & CT_Viewport - I like to adjust my viewport to keep a band of black space along the bottom for addon panels so my "game screen" is as empty as possible. I've used this one for years and it still works.

    DeathNote - Mostly for raid leader purposes, but very useful for reviewing exactly what killed a particular player during a particular attempt.

    Details - Far better damage (and everything) meter than Skada (and of course Recount).

    Dominos - Button/hotbar addon. Bartender is similar but I've always preferred the configuration of Dominos so I stuck with it.

    ElkBuffBars - Active buffs/debuffs windows for most stuff (likely could get rid of this entirely but I like the positioning along the side of the screen).

    Grid - Still the best raid unit frames addon in my opinion (though not for the feint of heart since it requires numerous modules/plugins to get it just how you want it).

    LoggerHead - Auto-enable combat logging in instances and such.

    Mapster - Simple world map enhancements.

    MiKScrollingBattleText - I like to have access to incoming and outgoing damage/healing numbers, but hate to have any text clutter on my primary viewport. This addon allows me to keep scrolling combat text where I want it (in the corner in specific columns in my case).

    OmniCC - Automatically adds "cooldown info" to virtually any ability button.

    OPie - Extremely useful radial menus. Can be customized and bound to useful hotkeys. For example, I have all my ports, repairs, misc engineer stuff in a wheel bound to Alt + F. Alt + Q is all my buffs with my primary buff for my class/spec at the top/the default position. Radial menus can have options for basically anything: items, abilities, macros, raid markers, etc.

    Pawn - Gives me a simple overview "comparison" of an equipped item versus another item.

    PitBull4 - By far the best unit frames addon WoW has ever seen. It's fast, efficient, beautifully coded, and can be customized like crazy.

    Prat-3.0 - A must have chat addon, imo. Improves basically everything to do with chat windows and chat interaction.

    Quartz - Like ElkBuffBars, something I could easily do without if I was building my UI from scratch again, but Quartz is a simple, slick "cast bar" addon that has various modules for all sorts of cast bars (player, target, focus, etc). I originally used it when I was playing DPS Arms Warrior heavily during Burning Crusade and needed to closely monitor my swing timer (for max DEEPS... what a silly system that was). I also used it a lot for (including to this day) monitoring the cast of my /focus target. It was crucial for arena'ing as a Resto Druid in BC/Wrath and in raids, when I need to be sure I'll interrupt something, I set it as /focus (with my interrupt macro preferring a /focus target if I have one) so I can be sure I don't miss the cast (the /focus cast bar from Quartz is very huge and toward the center of the screen, unlike my own or target cast bars which are in standard positions).

    RaidBuffStatus - Another addon mostly for raid leading, this is how I (always) find out that so and so is missing food or whatever buff before every pull. These days, WeakAuras could do the same but I've used RBS so long it's got a space in my UI so I stick with it.

    SexyMap - A simple minimap addon that I like. Has a few default "looks" to it (I typically just use the Square option and stick it at the bottom of the screen).

    TidyPlates - Great nameplate addon.

    TipTac - Tooltip modification.

    TomTom - The number of times I use TomTom to (shift?)+right-click my map and set a waypoint with a pretty little arrow so I can go the most efficient route is crazy. Less so now that flying isn't a thing, but very useful addon. Many people on Wowhead comments post comments for quests using TomTom coordinate macros to easily find where you need to go.

    XLoot - Improved loot frame.

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    in no particular order

    Quartz - You can see the swing timer in that picture, old warrior habits /nod to Kull :P
    Tidy Plates

    Vuhdo for raids, Will have to get a picture of that since I like the way it's set up right now

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    I don't think your DPS meter is big enough Thryll

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    Thryll you only have one damage meter? Asmongold recommends using two damage meters

    General Addons

    ActionBarSaver: Useful for anyone who frequently plays 3 or more specs. Basically it saves the positions of your spells/abilities/macros on your bars. It's also helpful for pvp, as I usually switch out things like misdirect/taunt for more pvp oriented abilities (pet sac etc.)

    Auctionator: Mandatory for using the auction house. The default AH UI doesn't list the per-unit price of items, so using the default AH UI will almost certainly result in overpaying for items. Auctionator is simple to use, and IMO makes selling easier as well. I've heard Auctioneer works just as well.

    ChefsHat: Auto equips chef's hat when you open your cooking profession window, and auto equips the helm you had on previously when closing the window.

    DailyGrind: Auto accepts and turns in daily quests. You can blacklist quests by name, and select rewards to automatically prefer (useful for the argent dailies, it will have you select the gold bags instead of the rep tokens).

    LootFilter: Useful for automatically deleting certain items when looting them. Be careful when you set this up, don't want to auto delete important items. I used this for deleting items when spam running Diremaul when grinding the insane.

    OneBag3 and OneBank3: Makes a grid for your bags instead of the default bag/bank UI

    Pawn: A must have for raiders, especially dps. Put in your stat weights and it will auto calculate whether items are an upgrade or not. In my old guild I would often see people pass up on 15 ilevel upgrades because the upgrade had their 2 worst secondary stats, when the primary stat upgrade alone was enough to warrant the upgrade. All dps should use this addon unless you want to do this kind of math every time an upgrade drops: (Weight of agi * agi on new item) + (Weight of crit * crit on new item) + (Weight of Vers * Vers on new item) vs. (Weight of agi * agi on currently equipped item) + (Weight of haste * haste on currently equipped item) + (Weight of crit * crit on currently equipped item)

    Postal: Helpful for opening multiple mails. Useful if you wait until you have 100 salvage crates then open them all at once.

    PrioTarget: This one isn't on curse. This sets up targeting macros for boss fights where adds have an absolute priority. This was really useful on imperator where I would run out of range of the adds because I was running the branded debuff out of the group, but still could kill command with my pet and wanted my pet to switch to any important mobs spawning. I also found it useful on Thogar, where the Man-At-Arms always took precedence over everyone else. Instead of taking a second to locate the man at arms V-frame and click it, I could instead hit my PrioTarget macro once and quickly switch to it. Of course this doesn't work as well when there are multiple enemies that have the same name. For instance I would imagine that setting the addon to prioritize Gorebound Felcaster on M assault would run the risk of targeting the felcaster on the other side. The other thing I like about this addon is you can use it via a macro, and thus add additional macro lines with it. Here is my PrioTarget macro:

    /click prioTarget
    /petattack [@pettarget,noexists]
    RaidChecklist: Shows which buffs are being covered by the raid and which aren't. Useful for hunters to know which pet to bring out.

    ReagentRestocker: Very useful vendor addon. First, it will restock reagents like Tome of the Clear Mind anytime you open a vendor window which sells that Reagent. It will restock it to a certain quantity, so if you have 25 tomes you can set it to restock you to 100 and it will buy 75. You can also use this to auto-repair at repair vendors. It also can be set to auto-vendor grey items (generally recommended), and you can have it auto-vendor other items that you specify. I have it auto-vendor those items that equip your follower with a 615 weapon, because you can buy the "equip your follower with a 645 weapon" item for gold now.

    SimplePowerBar: This shows a much more useful power bar that isn't cluttered like the default blizzard power bar generally is. This is useful on fights that have a power bar like Kil'rogg corruption or Brackenspore heat. I think the default blizzard bar sometimes doesn't show a number which is fairly useless, but SPB always shows a number.

    Simulationcraft: Very useful for anyone who uses simcraft, and takes 0 setup. Typing /simc in game will bring up a little text box with a profile for your currently equipped gear, which you can copy and paste. Much easier than typing in items by looking up the item ID on wowhead or by relogging and importing from the armory.

    TimeToDie: IMO Mandatory for DPS. This addon will approximate how long until a boss will die. Very helpful for knowing whether or not to delay a cooldown until a trinket procs.

    TradeSkillMaster: This addon does far more than I can describe here. I don't think the auctioning capabilities of this addon are for everyone, but I usually suggest this addon to anyone with multiple alts. The TSM Mailing module will remember how many items every alt has, and you can set up operations to mail your alts enough mats to restock them to whatever quantity you decide. I have a personal guild bank that I use to store excess herbs/ore/dust/fur/leather, and I auto mail each alt enough to restock them so they have 200 of each reagent. this is really useful for daily CDs and the trading post, and also I never have to keep track of "okay alt A is running out of ore, alt B is running out of nagrand arrow bloom, alt C is running out of draenic dust" etc.

    Wake_up: Simple addon that changes certain sounds to a more audible sound, and also forces them to work even when sound effects are turned off. It makes this sound every time: 1. a queue pops 2. a ready check occurs and 3. you are brezzed.

    Zygor: Ultimate leveling addon, not on curse. It will show the most optimal path for leveling via questing, and will contain useful, descriptive notes for certain quests like "Loot 10 of X item. The items look like small purple triangles, and are usually located next to mobs named Y". The small Zygor window can be clicked on to act as a /target macro, which is helpful for "kill 10 mobs" type quests, and it can also be clicked on to use quest items.

    Battle Pet Addons

    BattlePetBinds: Lets you set keybindings for things like forfeit and selecting a pet when swapping pet

    Rematch: Credit to Nephani for finding this one. It's a really great addon for storing pet teams to use against certain trainers, and much more.

    PVP Addons

    Sap Alert: Will /say "Sapped" whenever you are sapped. Useful for indicating to your teammates that a rogue is sneaking around.

    Battleground Targets: Shows a frame to help target enemy players in battlegrounds. Kind of like a raid frame for players on the enemy team. Very useful for targeting, and knowing which player holds the flag etc.

    BGSpy: Great for random BGs, as it will announce in raid chat the names of the healers or how many healers the enemy team has. Helpful to use this before the BG begins but after the enemy team fills. If there is only one druid on the enemy team and it happens to be a healer, posting this in chat will alert your team to focus the enemy druid.

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    I keep my base ui very clean, but have a ridiculous amount of addons running in the background.

    Some of the more notables

    Action Bar Saver
    Does what it says on the tin. You can save an infinite number of action bar configurations based on class and spec, can name them whatever you want. For example I have a Default Frost Pve set, A blood elf specific Pve set, and a blood elf specific PVP set. In conjunction with an addon that automatically swaps my equipment sets based on the zone type i'm in, all i have to do is load into an arena and tybe /abs frostbelf pvp and bam, i'm good to go.

    You probably already figured out by the SS that I use elvui. I have modified mine heavily to fit my sleek and low screen real estate tastes. The addon that swaps my equipment for me is a plugin for Elvui called Elvui Equip Sets.

    Not used on my Death Knight but sees a ton of use on alt characters. Easy Mouseover Keybinding that effectivly doubles your potential keybinds (for example pressing 1 on your keyboard could do one action, and pressing 1 on your keyboard while you have a friendly mouseover could do an entirely different action)

    Daily Global Check
    An addon that tracks daily quests and instance lockouts. Has a bunch a plugins to track all kinds of things. Built in TomTom compatibility

    Macro Toolkit
    Awesome macro addon that color codes various syntax and has an auto simplify feature. very handy.

    Stat Weight Score
    Shows percentage and value based changes from gear based on imported simcraft stat weights. Helps in figuring out what pieces are upgrades at a glance. Personally I feel the functionality is far superior to Pawn, which I abandoned as soon as I found this.

    Everything else I use has already been said.

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    My addon list is pretty simple, a lot of what's already been stated here but a few I use

    Quartz for cast bars

    Raven for small dots/hots/trinket procs

    Shadow Unit frames for Player/targeting/boss frames

    Interruptbar, necessity if you are pvp healing, not that I do that anymore though

    Ct_viewport, I don't think I could play without the contrast anymore
    If you expect a kick in the balls and get a slap in the face, then it's a victory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    OPie - Extremely useful radial menus. Can be customized and bound to useful hotkeys. For example, I have all my ports, repairs, misc engineer stuff in a wheel bound to Alt + F. Alt + Q is all my buffs with my primary buff for my class/spec at the top/the default position. Radial menus can have options for basically anything: items, abilities, macros, raid markers, etc.
    ^ This. If any of you are annoyed with mounts or having them take up slots in your action bars or what not, this addon can work wonders. So as I'm sure most people do you have your main mount you use bound to something. With Opie, bind your normal mount button to trigger a radial menu and I myself have my main mount, water strider, repair mount, and 2 seater mount all in there. It is a HUGE QoL improvement for using mounts in my opinion.
    ^ Sarcasm

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    Thanks! I appreciate all of the surprisingly thorough responses. If you'd like to see what I've made, I've provided links.
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