I agree to have my application posted publicly.
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If accepted, I agree to abide by the Guild Rules & Expectations?
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Where did you originally hear about our recruitment status?
Battle.net Forums
Character Name
Character Class
Character Race
Is your main Character max level?
What is your primary role/spec?
What is your secondary role/spec?
Alternate Characters
What server do you currently play on?
If not Hyjal above, do you know anyone on the Hyjal-US Server?
Why our Guild in particular?
My schedule does not allow me to raid Tuesday's, and from what Uluuru posted on my LFG thread on the wow forums, you guys seem like a very well to do guild with a strong foundation and leadership that is very experienced.
Guild History
Mainly pugged until joining my recent guild, Duress. Which currently raids on Tuesdays (cant make those days).
May we contact the Officers/Leader of your current/most recent Guild?
Raiding Experience
HFC 13/13 Heroic
Misc. Heroic kills here and there, nothing to sneeze at.
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
3 - 4 years
How many hours a week do you typically play World of Warcraft?
15 - 25 hours
What days of the week can you reliably play World of Warcraft?
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

What stats are the most important to your primary spec?
For Subtlety, behind agility for attack power, multistrike is where its at! First off, thanks to sinister calling, we gain 5% extra multi from all sources. Multi also (obviously) can cause our attacks to hit multiple times, which not only advance our bleed affects, but cause our DOTS to tick instantly. Tertiary stat (3rd best), is mastery. Mastery increases the damage that our finishing moves do and also increases our melee attack speed during slice and dice.
What is your typical attack rotation/priority during a six-minute, single-target boss encounter? How about for AoE?
Single Target- Subtlety
Premeditation at 10 seconds on pull timer
Prepot at 2 seconds on pull timer
Slice and Dice at 1 Second on pull timer
Shadow Step
Vanish+ Rupture (5 CP from vanish)+ CDS (Shadow Reflection+Shadow Dance+ Blood Fury)
Ambush to 5 CP
Ambush+ Eviscerate until Rupture needs to be refreshed
At 2 seconds left on Shadow Dance, pool energy so at .1 Seconds left you can get another Ambush off giving you a full Find Weakness once Shadow Dance ends
Use Backstab to generate CPS, keep up SnD and Rupture spend extra CPS on Eviscerate
Once the full find weakness falls off, use preparation and vanish immediately, Ambush to get up Find Weakness, keep up SnD and Rupture (always) Eviscerate with excess CPS
Rinse and Repeat!

AOE- Combat
Turn on Blade Flurry
Focus 1 target (if possible, target that will live longest)
Put up and KEEP UP Revealing Strike + SnD
Eviscerate with excess CPS
Use Killing spree on groups of tightly packed adds
Adrenaline Rush when Bandits Guile enters red zone and you JUST refreshed Revealing Strike and SnD
What is your typical ability usage for single-boss tanking? How does this change for multi-mob tanking situations?
Describe your typical Healing priorities and play style for both main-tank healing and raid-healing situations.
Provide a few World of Logs or WarcraftLogs URLs for your recent raids.How do you have your user interface configured and why?
I Use ElvUI for my interface addon, and then a variety of addons to track CDS/Raid warnings/ Dots etc.
Main Addons Include:
Weak Auras
Extra CD
Bandits Guile Tracker
Tidy Plates
These addons make for a relatively neat and compact interface, and are all highly versatile in how they can be configured which is great for me because I'm always tweaking!
Additional Information
I am a highly ambitious gamer, always researching and as nerdy as it is the mmo-champion rogue forum is my homepage lol... I have a reliable computer that I got off Origin PC less than 6 Months ago, so I'm ready to delve into mythics with yall woot!
Contact E-mailWhat is your Battle.net tag?
When were you born?
2 December 1997
What do you do outside of WoW?
I'm 17 (18 in December) and currently finishing off my college application process, I like to say I'm a relatively bright individual, my top picks for colleges for next year are Babson University, Bentley University, and University of Michigan so if any of you go to those schools hit me up! (lol). I am the head captain for my High Schools Wrestling Team, and plan to wrestle in college. I am an avid nutritionist and when it's not wrestling season I'm at the gym 7 days a week training for wrestling season! Yeah its kinda sad but like really, the only two things I can think of that define me outside of WoW are school and wrestling, whoops