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    I agree to have my application posted publicly.
    • Agree

    If accepted, I agree to abide by the Guild Rules & Expectations?
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    Where did you originally hear about our recruitment status? Forums
    Character Name
    Character Class
    Character Race
    Is your main Character max level?
    What is your primary role/spec?
    What is your secondary role/spec?
    Alternate Characters
    What server do you currently play on?
    If not Hyjal above, do you know anyone on the Hyjal-US Server?
    Why our Guild in particular?
    My schedule does not allow me to raid Tuesday's, and from what Uluuru posted on my LFG thread on the wow forums, you guys seem like a very well to do guild with a strong foundation and leadership that is very experienced.
    Guild History
    Mainly pugged until joining my recent guild, Duress. Which currently raids on Tuesdays (cant make those days).
    May we contact the Officers/Leader of your current/most recent Guild?
    Raiding Experience
    HFC 13/13 Heroic
    Misc. Heroic kills here and there, nothing to sneeze at.
    How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
    3 - 4 years
    How many hours a week do you typically play World of Warcraft?
    15 - 25 hours
    What days of the week can you reliably play World of Warcraft?
    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Saturday

    What stats are the most important to your primary spec?
    For Subtlety, behind agility for attack power, multistrike is where its at! First off, thanks to sinister calling, we gain 5% extra multi from all sources. Multi also (obviously) can cause our attacks to hit multiple times, which not only advance our bleed affects, but cause our DOTS to tick instantly. Tertiary stat (3rd best), is mastery. Mastery increases the damage that our finishing moves do and also increases our melee attack speed during slice and dice.
    What is your typical attack rotation/priority during a six-minute, single-target boss encounter? How about for AoE?
    Single Target- Subtlety
    Premeditation at 10 seconds on pull timer
    Prepot at 2 seconds on pull timer
    Slice and Dice at 1 Second on pull timer
    Shadow Step
    Vanish+ Rupture (5 CP from vanish)+ CDS (Shadow Reflection+Shadow Dance+ Blood Fury)
    Ambush to 5 CP
    Ambush+ Eviscerate until Rupture needs to be refreshed
    At 2 seconds left on Shadow Dance, pool energy so at .1 Seconds left you can get another Ambush off giving you a full Find Weakness once Shadow Dance ends
    Use Backstab to generate CPS, keep up SnD and Rupture spend extra CPS on Eviscerate
    Once the full find weakness falls off, use preparation and vanish immediately, Ambush to get up Find Weakness, keep up SnD and Rupture (always) Eviscerate with excess CPS
    Rinse and Repeat!

    AOE- Combat
    Turn on Blade Flurry
    Focus 1 target (if possible, target that will live longest)
    Put up and KEEP UP Revealing Strike + SnD
    Eviscerate with excess CPS
    Use Killing spree on groups of tightly packed adds
    Adrenaline Rush when Bandits Guile enters red zone and you JUST refreshed Revealing Strike and SnD
    What is your typical ability usage for single-boss tanking? How does this change for multi-mob tanking situations?
    Describe your typical Healing priorities and play style for both main-tank healing and raid-healing situations.
    Provide a few World of Logs or WarcraftLogs URLs for your recent raids.How do you have your user interface configured and why?
    I Use ElvUI for my interface addon, and then a variety of addons to track CDS/Raid warnings/ Dots etc.
    Main Addons Include:
    Weak Auras
    Extra CD
    Bandits Guile Tracker
    Tidy Plates
    These addons make for a relatively neat and compact interface, and are all highly versatile in how they can be configured which is great for me because I'm always tweaking!
    Additional Information
    I am a highly ambitious gamer, always researching and as nerdy as it is the mmo-champion rogue forum is my homepage lol... I have a reliable computer that I got off Origin PC less than 6 Months ago, so I'm ready to delve into mythics with yall woot!
    Contact E-mailWhat is your tag?
    When were you born?
    2 December 1997
    What do you do outside of WoW?
    I'm 17 (18 in December) and currently finishing off my college application process, I like to say I'm a relatively bright individual, my top picks for colleges for next year are Babson University, Bentley University, and University of Michigan so if any of you go to those schools hit me up! (lol). I am the head captain for my High Schools Wrestling Team, and plan to wrestle in college. I am an avid nutritionist and when it's not wrestling season I'm at the gym 7 days a week training for wrestling season! Yeah its kinda sad but like really, the only two things I can think of that define me outside of WoW are school and wrestling, whoops

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    Nice app. gl!

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    Thank you, much appreciated!

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    Yo, Qet

    What up, I am Citruss. A rogue in this guild. I've been playing rogue since Vanilla (awhile) and would like to ask you a few questions regarding your application.

    First off, I primarily play combat, I eat shit for it a lot from the guild. Should I be Subtlety? Yes, it does the most damage, but combat is just WAY more fun. Anyways enough of this opinion piece let's lay down some questions.

    1) What rogue only resources do you use? Do you have a spread sheet that helps you optimize and stat crunch your gear? Explain to me why two of your pieces of gear are enchanted for mastery when you just stated that multi-strike is the best stat for sub.

    2) For combat, why do you believe that using AD during 45% bandit's Guile is better than using it off CD? Please give me a bit more detail about combat, your stat priorities, opener, when to use and when not to use blade flurry and anything else you think you should note.

    3) Please provide more logs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citruss View Post
    I eat shit
    the main ingredient of your chili i presume

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    Lol I love sub i think its really fun (more than combat IMO) and also big deeps!
    1) As far as shadowcrafting and a lot of the micro management type stuff goes, I use and for the less in depth stuff mmo champ rogue forums! I'm also prone to messaging top rogues (Vigilate is my boy lol) and seeking some specific advice if I cant find it elsewhere! I don't have such a spread sheet, I use Simcraft when I'm deciding between two pieces but I'm not a huge sim junky like some others! For those two pieces, I just recently actually made the swap to Subtlety from Assassination as i finally got my class trinket which I wanted to have before I swapped. At first, I wasn't too sure about keeping the spec, but I decided I was going to over the weekend when I started to really enjoy it. For that reason, my gear isn't fully swapped over but I plan to do that now that you've pointed it out when I'm done answering the rest of your questions lol..

    2) I kind of misspoke on that, I'm not sure how accurate this is (my damage as combat is relatively good so I've never questioned it) but a rule of thumb for me is If I'm not in yellow zone for BG when AD comes off CD, I will not delay AD however if I AM in yellow zone, I will get to red, and then pop AD. Stat priority for combat is agility (for AP= more deepz), followed by haste. Haste, our next best stat, not only increases our attack speed, energy regeneration, and energy amount, but also allows us to fit more attacks into our Bandits Guile. The opener I use for combat, is typically start stealthed>prepot>Ambush>Build to 5 CP (use RS during the build) SnD>AR>CP Build to 5>Evis and from there its just keep up RS and Snd and use Evis with 5 CPS. I continue this process until it is a suitable time (assuming you wouldn't be able to use it once before hand, have it come off CD, THEN use it at this suitable time) to use KS. This entails (since i strictly use combat for AOE) that there is a group of at least 3 adds stacked together. This is the only time in my rotation where I use KS after AR as AR advances the CD of KS. As far as when NOT to use Blade Flurry, one example comes to mind. The fel-caster dudes on mythic HFA, which you cant push at the same time due to massive raid wide AOE damage. It is important to SINGLE TARGET these guys down, and not cleave off of them as that would induce pushing them at the same time.


    I hope I answer your questions adequately, thanks for responding so quick!

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    First off, congrats on being a few months younger than me. /flex

    Secondly, we have two rogues currently. I want you to simulate this situation in your mind. I am Lord of Hellfire Citadel. I give you, Citruss, as well as our other rogue Dustbone the best gear in the game. What do you think you could do to separate yourself in terms of damage? Your logs are mediocre at best, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Which is fine if you can justify it, and prove you're better than what has been shown. You can look at my logs for example (Lifebloom@Hyjal) From 10th percentile to 99th, on every fight.

    Thirdly, How do you prepare for new raid encounters? (Keep in mind we're 5/13M vs 13/13H) How do we know we should bring you into Lifebloom's Band of Merry Men™, and not have to worry about babysitting someone who doesn't know mechanics? We strictly raid 12 hours a week, and time isn't something we can afford to waste from hand holding.

    I challenge you to improve my confidence in yourself. What separates you from others? What makes you strive in situations in which others do not? Do you laugh in the face of danger? Let me know. Looking forward to reading your answer.

    Last edited by Lifebloom; 10-08-2015 at 10:17 PM.

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    Hey Lifebloom,
    First of all, of course I laugh in the face of danger! Okay so for real. Yes my logs suck... I just made the switch to sub and am hoping to see them go up as I log more fights as sub. I want to use an example from my actual life to help answer your question. Failure is something I don't accept. I don't care about other people's standards because in the end they shouldn't matter; If I hold myself to the highest of expectations everyone else's will thereby be met. When I entered high school as a freshman, and was forced to join the wrestling team by the coach whom was a family friend, a failed at it match after match and let me tell you this was humiliating. At the time I was extremely over weight , paid zero attention to my diet, and overall was not a healthy being. This blatant failure not only motivated me, but inspired me to better myself as an individual. Fitness, nutrition, and hard work became what defined me as an individual, and this last winter as a junior I was ranked in the state at the 126 pound weight class, coming from being literally dead last as a freshman at the 160 pound weight class. And now this year, as the senior captain, i am expected not only by myself, but by myncoaches, and members of the mass wrestling community to win the state title at 126!pounds. I guess you guys probably don't give a crap about this, and it might seem wicked irrelevant and you might have been looking for a more wow based answer, but I think this story can apply to anything I do In life. Most kids would quit wrestling after being tossed around like a rag doll, and most do, but i stuck with it and plan to come out a champion. I'm a determined individual and am very self motivated, and I think these traits are what set me apart not as just a wow player who will do his homework on a fight, watching several rogue POVS of it and learning tricks etc., but as a person as well. *Drops mic*

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    Thumbs up

    Hi Qey, good luck and I hope you get accepted.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments in real life. You seem to have the same mindset as myself and that is very good to see and I think you will surprise people (in a good way).

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    Thanks Oprah (lol) that means a lot!

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