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Thread: Weak Aura Communication

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    Default Weak Aura Communication

    How can we make variables that would enable two people with the same or similar weak auras to communicate? I assume there is some way to share variables between two players, since other addons have the capability to interact with other players version. Is there a way to send variables to others through custom lua code in a custom text function, or something similar?

    The other option that I don't know if Blizz allows is for addons to declare custom events that an addon can throw and catch. This would probably be beyond my abilities if so.

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    For anyone who finds this, addons communicate through a chat channel, just like players do. We just don't see the messages. Here is a link to the function you would need:

    Be sure to register to receive the event, and also to add the prefix of the message you want to receive.

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