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Thread: Vox Legion Normal/Heroic Raiding

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    Default Vox Legion Normal/Heroic Raiding

    Hi Folks,

    While it's been a long hiatus since Vox last raided together during WoD Mythics -- and a great many previous members have moved on to new adventures and guilds -- there's been enough interest expressed in some casual raiding for Legion that I wanted to get feedback from anyone still in the guild/hanging around the forums that might be interested.

    Aside from the simple poll above, feel free to provide any additional feedback you may have. I'm really looking for an estimated head count of the number of relatively consistent people who would like to attend, to see if this raid is even feasible, so please fill out the poll for yourself, and if you have other friends/family that would like to join but cannot vote/post, a comment about the situation would be wonderful.

    Intended Content

    The goal of these raids will be to casually progress through Normal and Heroic Legion raid content, while said content is relevant.

    Before anyone asks, for a variety of reasons, Mythic is entirely off the table.


    The proposed schedule is (2) nights a week at (3) hours per night:

    • Sunday, 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST (9:00PM - 12:00AM EST)
    • Monday, 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST (9:00PM - 12:00AM EST)

    The goal is to keep the schedule relatively familiar to previous Vox raiders, while also shortening the duration a bit overall to (6) hours total.

    Depending on the demands of a given raid tier/zone, we'll obviously reduce our raid time down to one night a week if we have content comfortably on farm, or perhaps even halt until the next tier entirely if there's no reason to continue (no upgrades, etc).

    Who Can Attend

    Since the intention is for these raids to be rather casual -- and to ensure we always have at least the minimum of 10+ players -- our requirements for any given individual/character to join these raids are very loose and flexible:

    Be a current Vox member, an ex-Vox member, or friend/family thereof. -- Given the number of old Vox members that have gone elsewhere since we halted Mythic progression, and because cross-realm raiding works just fine in these flexible raids, all old members (or their friends/family) are welcome to these raids! =)

    Minimum 820+ item level (for Normal raids) and 835+ for Heroic raids. While I don't want to place any severe limits on those allowed to join us in terms of strict gear requirements, I also think it's only fair to those that do attend regularly that we ensure infrequent attendees cannot simply bring a fresh 110 alt and soak up a bunch of gear without contributing to reasonable degree. These current numbers are intended to be a balance between the two, but of course may change in the future as needed.

    Prepare for unknown zones/encounters with a bit of research beforehand. -- For players new to the raid or encounters in particular, a bit of preparation before the raid will make things run much smoother and is greatly appreciated. While I realize we'll likely need to explain some mechanics from time to time, I don't want to have to spend 5-10 minutes before every boss pull during every raid night explaining the mechanics to any new players that may be attending -- such delays really add up to a lot of time over the course of a short 3-hour raid night. Of course, if something is unclear or you have questions, that's quite alright as well.

    Rules and Expectations

    While the setting and content of these raids will be much more casual than our "high-end" Vox raids from the past, we still want to make good use of our time, so it is expected that everyone involved is on-time, attentive, and makes efforts to play their best.

    Be online, ready, and at the raid entrance when the raid begins. -- Invites typically go out 5 minutes before start time. For friend-of-friend invitations that occur across, the same timing should apply so that attending friends/family can accept raid invites and be ready to go at start time.

    Be willing to play consistently for 90-minute stretches during the raid. -- We'll do our best to schedule a 5-minute break halfway through every raid night to stretch/bio/etc, but by and large our raid time is dedicated to raiding itself. At only 3 hours total a night, everyone can reasonably be expected to be on board and attentive for that period of time.

    Provide your own consumables (flasks or the materials at least). -- Particularly early on in the expansion, guild-provided consumables are not very affordable nor feasible. While my ultimate goal when running raids is to provide consumables for raiders as much as possible, for the foreseeable future everyone will be on his or her own to bring potions/flasks/food until the economy simmers down a bit. Food isn't a big deal and even potions aren't vital, but at the very least everyone can afford to buy the materials for 3 hours worth of flasks for the night, and have someone at the raid craft them if needed (or beforehand, ideally).

    Be connected to the Vox Mumble ( / 24601) to hear tactics/instructions. -- Obviously we won't ask anyone to speak in voice chat if he or she is uncomfortable doing so, but communicating raid instructions via /chat is too time-consuming, so all raid members are expected to be listening in Mumble.

    Avoid being overly obnoxious/disruptive. -- While we want this to be a welcoming raid, if you or your friend you invited is causing issues in the raid as a whole or dominating voice chat in an obnoxious way, we'll need to ask that it's toned down, and if nothing changes, the person will be asked to leave. Ideally, the environment for these raids should feel familiar to current/old Vox members when we did our weekly Normal/Heroic farm clears, where the content isn't severely back-breaking and everyone is pretty comfortable to hang out while doing some cool new raid stuff.


    The roster is the big unknown at this point and is largely the reason for this post/poll. We really need feedback from others on how many people might be interested!

    Ideally we'd have a total of at least 15+ people (with or without friends) that would like to attend our weekly raids. Thus, given the flexible raid size, the ideal situation is enough people are interested that those that can attend any given night or week can simply do so, while if an individual has to be absent on a particular night for whatever reason, it won't hinder the raid as a whole due to flexible sizes.


    If you've indicated a desire for you and/or friends/family to attend these raids, please comment with the class/role(s) you'd prefer or are capable of playing. I'll do my best to keep track in the opening post here as information comes in to see what the raid will look like.

    That said, generally people can probably play whatever they prefer. Given the flexibility of equipment these days, outside of weaker artifact traits, most any class can swap to another spec/role without much trouble, so in the event we're short on a particular role for a raid, we'll do our best to ask some people to rotate into those positions. Either way, I don't foresee any issues on this front.

    Loot Method

    Since we will likely see a bit of churn in the roster from week-to-week, and since personal loot can now be traded, there's little reason not to go the simplest route for these raids and use the built-in Personal Loot system.


    As usual, I will take the reins of leading these raids in 99% of situations, with help from one or two others if needed or when I might be absent.

    Required Addons

    Initially, we can all probably make due with DBM or BigWigs and WeakAuras. Obviously if we need anymore addons in the future, we'll put the word out.

    Initial Schedule

    Just to be clear about when raiding begins and how it'd work with our schedule, assuming the proposed plan works out and enough people are interested, the first two raids we'd have would be:

    • Sunday, September 25th @ 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST)
    • Monday, September 26th @ 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST)
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    Due to still being stuck on graveyard and the rotating nature of my schedule I can only commit to attending one of the two days. Hopefully if I get the promotion on my annual review that can all change and I can go back to being a regular person.

    For the days coming up, I'd be avail on the 25th, but would have to work on the 26th. The week after that, working on the 2nd, free on the 3rd, as an example.

    That being said I'm eager to hear all of your lovely voices again.

    ninja edit -- I can also heal on my paladin (by the time we're ready to go it'll be at least 840 and have all 3 relic slots and 2 major traits) if we find ourselves with too much deeps.

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    I'd love to join, but I'm not sure if I can make both days. I could make Sundays, and some Mondays (Just not every one of them)

    My Paladin is Holy/Ret and I'm slowly leveling my Hunter at the moment. I also have my druid or DK I can tinker with so let me know if any of these work out.

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    I'll be available for sure, would love to be raiding with everyone again. Currently loving Havoc Demon Hunter and plan to raid as that.
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    I'm still undecided if I'm going to be raiding at all outside LFR to see the story and zones.

    If I do decide to start raiding I'll likely look for something a bit earlier than the typical Vox hours.

    All of this is of course subject to change, but I'll be out of town that first night of raiding anyhow.

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    I am interested in joining, and will attend both nights. There is a possibility in the future that I may be unable to attend for the first half of monday nights, but I will give notice in advance if that is the case. I will main my hunter until the end of time so ideally I'd like to play on that.

    I also have two friends who have expressed interest, both top-quality (Vox-quality?) raiders who I will quote and vouch for once they post here.
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